Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Suffering : (

Good evening from a very sore blogger! Before I get to the gorey details I'm going to rewind to yesterday as I didn't have my computer with me last night in Hastings so didn't blog........


After an early morning mini juice I made my way to the 7am Bikram class. I had a fabulous class and felt really strong I also felt that my back was on the mend.........

When I got home I made a giant hemp protein smoothie topped with coconut, peanuts and raisins : )

I enjoyed every mouthful while Dale enjoyed a bacon bap!
He was glad the juice detox was over!

After breakfast we went to town with a little detour to the swings!

We stopped to enjoy a coffee in the sun before heading back home : )

We had to get the train to Hastings, before leaving we had the last of our fruits and veggies juiced : )

When we got to Hastings and got Dales car filled with petrol so he could take me to my dads we were pretty peckish so we had a little detour to the health food shop to pick up a snack. We both got a date and coconut flapjack which was delicious and definitely filled me up!

I popped in to see my dad, pick up my fixed car and trained my sis and her hubby. Then went to Dales for dinner and snooze time : )

Oh and hang out with my favourite doggy friend!

Hmmmmm so this is where I can fill you in on how I am back with a very painful back! I am pretty upset as I felt no real pain in my back all day! Late last night Dale went to the loo which automatically made me need to go, I got up went into the bathroom and didn't notice Dale had left the seat up.......YEAH you can guess what happened I went to sit down slipped and pulled my back JOY! NOT! This led to a sleepless night of rolling around the floor and counting down the hours till I could drive the painful journey home.


I drove home at 6am this morning, it was a painful journey I have made a fab job of pulling my back again! When I got in I had a hot water with ginger and lemon before making breakfast.

I had another yummy hemp smoothie topped with Spelt granola

I ate my breakfast in bed and put on Sex in the City to cheer me up : )

When the chemist opened I was straight round there to grab a pot of tiger balm, rushed home and slathered my back!

For lunch I had a juice and........

Rice cakes with peanut butter, yum!

After lunch had settled I got my stuff together for yoga. I had a ruff class to be honest my back is so sore and I felt pretty sick but as always afterward I do feel better. I also spoke to one of the teachers and she definitely agrees the heat is the best place for me and I definitely agree, hopefully after a couple more sessions I will be back on the road to healing my back. I am so annoyed I didn't notice the bloody toilet seat!

When I got home I ate dinner so quick I forgot to take a picture, but I did picture pudding but I shall be telling you all about the deliciousness in this bowl tomorrow : )

That's it for now I feel the need to curl up and try and get comfy with more tiger balm on my back and healing thoughts : )


Tiger balm lover?

I find this is the best thing to sooth my muscles, it soaks into the skin and penetrates deep within the muscle tissue to help relieve pain. Deep heat literally burns the top layer skin and that's about it! Just in case you didn't know if you do suffer from a muscle injury and are thinking of using tiger balm the red one is for deep tissue muscle soothing the white one is best for headaches x x


  1. Love Tiger Balm. Not just for rubbing sore muscles but I always take it with me on long haul flights, it is amazing for unblocking sinuses or sniffing it to ward off queasiness when you're in turbulence!! :)

    1. Oooooo I will remember to take mine next time I'm flying thanks for the tip! X

  2. Your smoothies always look so delicious...

    Hope your back feels better!

    1. They taste pretty good too! Thank you it feels much better today x

  3. Oh no hope your back gets better very soon. I'll have to get some of that Tiger Balm for James as he always uses deep heat and it smells awful!

    1. Thanks lady! Yes you should definitely invest it smells so good and us very relaxing, I hate the smell of deep heat!

  4. you poor thing! silly boys and those toilet seats habits!!

    1. I know, I'll make sure to check next time! ha ha x

  5. Goodness those smoothies look amazing :-)
    Sorry about the back & hope it comes right soon. Oh, and I LOVE Tiger Balm, my nanna introduced us as kids, the smell alone takes me back.

  6. Oh poor you.
    I have not used tiger balm but we have deep heat to use instead.