Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Smoothie/Porridge Dilemma

Oh dear after such a beautiful day yesterday looks like the rain is back with a vengeance!
What a miserable day, I was in the shop today which was no surprises dead! The rain definitely kept the shoppers away and the walk home afterward was hell, wind and sharp rain in the eyes fabulous, but home now and finally having time to sit and blog so its all smiles : )

I have a rewind tonight back to Thursday with some yummy eats to please your eyes on this dingy Saturday night so enjoy..........


Thursday was started with my usual smoothie loving for breakfast which is perfect Bikram fuel

I made my way to the 11.30am torture session, which was torture! It was 42 degrees and I was cooking inside! I was glad when the session was over I have to admit : )

When I got back home a quick lunch was eaten.
I had kiwi, apple, cottage cheese, cinnamon, tahini and almonds : )

Then I jumped into the car and was on the road to Hastings to train clients and see my man!


I had an early drive home from Hastings, then after getting ready for work in the shop I had a breakfast dilemma porridge or smoothie......porridge or smoothie....
I know I always eat smoothies but I love them yet it was cold and miserable and outside which made me long for oats so I thought I'd compromise and have both!


Topped with a smoothie!!!!!!!!

The cold smoothie........

and the hot oats underneath make for a perfect breakfast indeed, plus it is super filling and I mean SUPER FILLING! Eaten at 7.30am held over till 1pm is all good in my books : )

Friday's Bikram class was after work, I had 2 boiled eggs around 4 to fuel the session which they did perfectly. Friday's session was amazing not my practice but Yukari the Bikram international champions practice! Yep she was in my class and it was so inspirational as well as amazing, her yoga is mind blowing. I left that class on a high for sure : )


I decided my smoothie/porridge combo was so good that I would have to have it again today

I enjoyed my super filling breakfast then left for work.

I was glad when lunch time came to break up the day!

I enjoyed some apples topped with cottage cheese and cinnamon as well as a couple of rice cakes with PB filling and tasty yum!

I was so glad to get home out of the hellish weather, my walk home only takes 10 minutes but it can be a long ten minutes when the weather is not being kind!

For dinner I had a mish mash of food. I got potatoes in my veg box which need to be used and not buying them often as I am not that keen I sometimes feel stumped with what to do with them. I steamed pots and leeks then added to pan and topped with an omelet mix. I had steamed carrots on the side too and a big dollop of ketchup!

I have work again in the shop tomorrow after a 9am Bikram class then my boy is coming to stay yay! But right now I gotta dye my hair so to all you readers new and old have a fabulous Saturday night and I shall come say hi tomorrow x x


Smoothie and Porridge would you, do you, have you?

If you haven't but you would do it tomorrow you wont regret it!!!!!


  1. I just commented on Laura's blog I was in a porrdige rut and I wanted to have more smoothies. I think you have just answered all my prayers!!!
    What do you put in your smoothie??

    1. Ha ha it is a winning combo!! My smoothies above just had natural yogurt, frozen fruit, freshly juiced oranges, baobab and spirulina x

  2. I was tempted by porridge this morning but had already made up a cold bowl of fruit and muesli so had that.

  3. If there was a Porridge (Oatmeal) v. Smoothie contest, to me it'd be a no brainer: smoothies all the time!!!
    Especially now with the warmer months ahead I just can't do oatmeal anymore...

  4. Wow...the colour of that first smoothie is gorgeous.

  5. The colour of that first smoothie/porridge combo is just gorgeous!

  6. haha- good compromise! I've never thought of combining the two!

  7. I haven't had the smoothie porridge combo in forever, I must make that again! I love oats topped with yoghurt for the hot and cold combo as well, so good!

  8. I haven't had oats and a smoothie for a while. They are very filling and so satisfying!