Thursday, 5 April 2012

Seedlings and Chocolate Overload!

Hey readers, hope your all enjoying your week?
I can't believe its Thursday already, this week has flown by even if I have spent most of it laying down because of my back! It is definitely feeling a lot better today but still sore. A couple more days and I should be feeling back to normal, not fixed but relatively normal and on the road to being my strongest fittest self!

My day started with a hot water and lemon followed by a fresh juice to power me through my 7am Bikram class. I had a good session, morning classes you always feel stiffer but that's even if your not dealing with any injuries!

For breakfast I had some berry ice cream! This contained soy yogurt, frozen berries and fresh pineapple juice : )

I spent the day watching Sex in the City again! I never tire of it, and just want my back to be in a relaxed state so it gets better quicker, so I watched more in the comfort of my bed!

For lunch I had ryvita with tuna mayo, cucumber and carrots.
There was also some not pictured chocolate eaten........quite a lot in fact oops!

Look! I have been looking after my flat mates seedlings and they have come to say hello to the world! I am very proud of my nursing skills!

For dinner I had a yummy mix of kelp noodles courtesy of vivapure, steamed veggies and quorn. I used some tamari and sesame drizzled over to season : )

Hmmmmm yes it would look like a healthy day of eats but I have eaten a lot of chocolate today behind the scenes oops! I shall be having a cleanse day tomorrow for sure especially as I see more chocolate in my future.....Easter Sunday! Oh well just one of those days I suppose : )


When you have over done it with the food do you like to do a cleanse day?

It definitely makes me feel a lot better!

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