Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weekend Round UP

Happy Belated Easter!!!!!!
I hope you have all had a chocolate filled weekend with lots of smiles : )

I've had a fab weekend which is why I didn't have time to come say hi, I was having to much fun! Shall we take a rewind to Saturday to see where it all started...........


After a hot water and lemon I had a frothy almond milk coffee with my breakfast smoothie : )

I am loving my soy yogurt smoothies at the mo, mixed with freshly squeezed oranges the taste is divine! In the mix: soy yogurt, frozen berries and freshly squeezed oranges and that's it! Plus the topping of course : )

Once my smoothie had settled I went to the 11am Bikram class. I had a good class and felt no pain which was fab!

When I got home it was time for lunch, I felt the need for a protein packed lunch to help heal my muscles!

Ryvita topped with boiled egg and half an avocado on the side as well as a green juice

Wow this was a really good lunch

Some Easter treats from my sister, yummy dark chocolate hazelnut dabs and a pot filled with Easter friends : )

Dale arrived a little later in the afternoon. We went for a drive to Asda to grab some ingredients for a baking experiment then home again to settle in for the night.

We had a lazy not so healthy meal, homemade chips and roasted onion! Ha not really healthy but very tasty!


I got up early and left Dale to snooze while I had a fruit smoothie to give me Easter Sunday Bikram power! Yep I got up and went to the 9am class (session 40!) yesterday which made feel a little better about all the chocolate that had and was to be consumed!

When I got home I made me and Dale some frothy coffees, he ate some hot crossed buns and I had a little bit of this...........

Yum Dale did well with his choice of egg for me! I had a little of my egg and stashed the other bars of chocolate away!

After our coffees it was time to get our bake on! We had decided that Sunday was going to be baking day and with a can of pumpkin that has been in my cupboard for ages dying to be used I new exactly what I wanted to make! I had a pumpkin loaf recipe on my phone which I picked up from somewhere (I can't for the life of me remember where), I actually tweaked it and changed it to my own so I guess its my take on a pumpkin loaf........a chocolate and walnut loaf to be precise! It got a little charred on the top!

But it actually turned out perfectly, moist and very delicious, don't worry I will be sharing my recipe tomorrow : )

For lunch we had homemade soup, mine with rice cakes Dales with tiger bread!

The rest of our day was spent eating chocolate and chilling out not really doing much!


Today was started with pumpkin loaf and coffee after my hot water and lemon of course!

I was back at the shop today, first time in 2.5 weeks! I had holiday then with my back being so bad I was off work, so it was a bit of shock to be back on the daily grind! It was pretty quiet due to the bad weather. I had soup for lunch and a green juice an hour before my Bikram class at 5.30pm. I really feel bloated and wrong after this weekend of excesses and am looking forward to getting back to some super clean eating : )

When I got home I made an amazing dinner, best I've had I ages!

This was steamed kelp noodles courtesy of vivapure and purple sprouting broccoli in a peanut flour sauce topped with tofu that I cooked with coconut oil and tamari. OMG this was so insanely good I am looking forward to eating the same thing tomorrow!

As I said I am looking forward to some super clean eating for the next couple of weeks as well as practicing Bikram every day I should be back to feeling normal in no time!

I shall be back tomorrow with my pumpkin loaf recipe and a big round up of the cookie exchange. Sorry just haven't had time to get all the photos together yet but I have some extra time tomorrow which means the post can go up!


Feeling a little puffy after a weekend of excess?

I really am!


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend of food! Your egg and avocado lunch looks so yummy. x

    1. I know I will have to have that combo more often it really was yummy : )

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend, however i know that feeling when your body tells you it is not happy!

    Your pumpkin loaf looks delicious, i love mixing veggies in my cakes as they never come out dry - have you ever tried a beetroot cake? this is something i plan to try soon.

    1. I love beetroot in cakes so good especially with chocolate : )

  3. Oh I completely know what you mean, for me its been a combo of the sugar, baked stuff and caffeine that has me feeling a bit off. I'm not going to do a full on detox just get back to sensible eating again for a bit to make me feel better!

  4. Oh I completely know what you mean, for me its been a combo of the sugar, baked stuff and caffeine that has me feeling a bit off. I'm not going to do a full on detox just get back to sensible eating again for a bit to make me feel better!

    1. No I'm not going on a crazy detox, probably should mined you! Just back to clean eating for me too x

  5. That pumpkin loaf looks lovely- I look forward to the recipe :)
    I didn't have too bad a weekend really- I had a meal out and cake for Andy's birthday on Sunday, but yesterday was pretty normal. But we do have some chocolate to get through at some point!

    1. Recipe is up! Enjoy your chocolate that cake looked so good! x x

  6. I've eaten way too much this weekend! To make matters worse...i'm off out for food again tonight oooops!