Thursday, 12 April 2012

Back Pain and 100 Days of Yoga

Hey everybody, I hope our week is going better than mine!?
Let me fill you in, it started ok Monday was ok. I was back to work and feeling good after a fun weekend with Dale. Tuesday started well with a fab yoga class but unfortunately I thought my back was better then it was and over stretched! Hello VERY PAINFUL back AGAIN! Oh my god the last couple of days have been hell! I have now realised that even when my back feels better I still have to practice yoga like it is still injured and not push it too far.......I have learnt this the hard way : (


After a restless sleep at Dales Tuesday night I drove home early Wednesday morning in a lot of pain. Every time I had to break it was hell!

This is where I have been nesting over the past couple of days, in a sea of pink!

Including some delicious pink food!

This was the most amazing smoothie!
In the mix: soy yogurt, pureed pumpkin (left over from the loaf), frozen berries and freshly squeezed oranges! Topped with coconut and crushed walnuts : )

I could barely move yesterday so I was really glad to have signed up to Netflix, it gave me lots to watch well 4 seasons of Secret Diary of a Call Girl kept me entertained!

For lunch I had tuna salad and ryvita with a scraping of butter

Dinner was an experiment. My tummy has been so much better lately and I have been wanting to try some dairy, well mainly cottager cheese as I love it!

So for dinner last night I had cottage cheese with some kiwis that needed to be eaten. I'm glad to report I had no tummy pains so I will be bringing this back into my diet.

I also had a giant green juice!


I decided to miss my usual 7am Bikram class today I wanted to let the muscle in my body have a few hours of use before attempting any exercise!

I made another very pink smoothie and topped it with some spelt granola

I spent the morning in bed then headed out to the 11.30am Bikram class. It was pretty tough but the heat really helped and after class I felt so much better. I will have to do a double to make up for missing yesterday so's not to mess up my challenge. I will do this at the weekend when I have time and am feeling better probably Sunday. Now I know I have to really take a step back and even when I'm feeling ok to just continue with perfecting the basic posture and forget about depth I think I will be on the road to sorting this back out!

When I got home from class I made a leek and coriander omlette with a big salad on the side.

For dinner I had some ryvita with tahini and cinnamon as well as a green juice.

I am currently in the middle of a Weeds marathon on Netflix so I hall say good night and see ya tomorrow hopefully with a little less pain : )


Have you ever had to take a step back in your training, how did you deal with it?

I find it very mentally challenging, I know where I can go with my practice but my body is not in the same place as my head at the moment. It was and it will be again but right now I have to work with what is going on and that means taking a step back. This is also why I have decided to extend my challenge to 100 days! Yep I feel I have been cheated out of half of the yoga I wanted to do over 60 days so I am hoping by doing 100 I will get my back better and start to get my practice better........only time will tell x x


  1. I can really relate, I have been injured multiple times in the past year and it is really hard.BUt what keeps me going, is finding ways that I can make my body stronger so it doesn't happen agan for me for intsance I had to do some strength based work in my hips. hope it heals soon. dont beat yourself up over not being able to do much.

  2. Love your bed! If I could completely have my own way I would have a duvet cover like that. As it is its a bit too girly for James ;-) When I first stepped back from my workouts to try and help with my period problem it was very very hard. I felt lazy and worried that I was going to balloon up. Although I have gained weight, which was my goal anyway, it hasn't been too bad. I just keep remembering that I'm doing way more than a lot of people as it is, plus I know what I'm capable of, even if I can't be pushing myself to that level at this point in my life. Hope your feeling better today. Gotta love netflix too!

  3. I'm having a hard time finding a post (if you had done one...) about juicing/cleansing. I might actually be completely wrong, but you did do a juice cleanse correct? I ask because I'm interested in doing one myself but am not too sure where to start.

    1. I did the juice master juice detox, I posted pictures but not recipes. It was tough but felt great after x

  4. Really helpful in back pain.Thanks for sharing this blog.:)