Sunday, 1 April 2012

Another Catch Up + March/April Goals + Best of the Web

Hello! Well its been a while that's for sure! I have been MIA since Wednesday I do apologies but its been all go this side of the screen. I guess you know what that means a giant catch up and lots of photos, I hope your comfy cause there's lots to get through..........


I was up early to go to my usual 7am Bikram class and before leaving I had a fresh juice to give me yoga power!

When I got home I had a giant hemp smoothie, this was delicious I had a whole punnet of strawberries in that bad boy!

I trained a client after breakfast then home again to get ready for Hastings

Whilst getting ready I had a delicious almond milk decaff latte, love my milk frothing device!

I made a sweet pot to take with me for lunch but as it was real big I cut the end off and smeared some peanut butter on it to make the perfect snack : )

After training my first client I went to my sisters to eat lunch. Sweet pot, tuna, mayo and lots of spinach, can't beat this combo!

I ended up having to stay in Hastings because my car had to have its MOT done. I stayed at my dads and had a pre made juice for dinner.


Dale wanted to do the juice diet as we had the weekend off together but not being at home I had to improvise........

The only juice I have found that is literally just juice no preservatives or added extras is the Beet It beetroot and apple juice so this is what was on the menu Friday morning. I waited for my car to have the MOT done and drank my juice warm whilst hanging out with my friend Jonathan.

Unfortunately my car didn't pass so I had to leave it in Hastings and with the country going crazy about petrol Dale couldn't fill up which left us to get the train back to Brighton!

We had our lunch time juice then I went to Bikram

Home for dinner more yummy juice!

We have not done the detox the same as I did before, its a little less sparse. Dale definitely couldn't handle the hunger and as I am doing Bikram this time I need to have fuel or I'd feel pretty crazy in that heat! But we have been having only juice/smoothies made from fruit and vegetables and our morning smoothie had the addition of soy yogurt.

For entertainment we started a Prison Break marathon Friday night and have been loving it!


After our hot water and lemon it was smoothie time!

This was so thick, more like ice cream! It only had soy yogurt, frozen berries and pineapple juice but the taste was amazing I could eat this everyday!

Lunch time juice was a beautiful orange colour : )

After this juice me and Dale popped into town to grab some bits, then back home we went for a late afternoon/yoga fuel (for me!) smoothie

I find adding 1/2 an avocado to a smoothie is so filling and perfect Bikram fuel!

I had a fab 32nd class : )

Home again we had a giant green smoothie to finish our day. My flatmate was cooking easter chocolate cakes which was a test for sure especially when she started offering them to us. We were strong and stuck with the juice!


We had another smoothie for breakfast today, the same as yesterday with the addition of some juiced spinach : )

Wow again this was a taste sensation for the tongue and filled me up perfectly for an 11am Bikram class : )

Dale met me after class and we went round town. Its Brighton's food festival this weekend and there were stalls everywhere selling the most delicious looking baked goods. I could walk past them twice and as the wind is actually pretty cold we decided to come home and carry on with our Prison Break marathon!

We made a yummy juice for lunch then have been watching Prison Break ever since!

I definitely feel great after our juicing much better than last time. I have found it pretty easy as I new what to expect plus we have taken a more relaxed diet this time.

Right a quick round up of Mach Goals:

Hmmmmm well I have only managed to complete one!
I wanted to start another Bikram challenge which I did yay!
No chocolate till Easter Sunday I haven't bought any but tried samples at the vegan festival and at the vitality show, plus I have used some chocolate hemp milk oops!
I planned to go to the gym 2x a week but having hurt my back this has had to be forgotten.

I'm keeping things simple for Aprils goals:

1. Carry on with my Bikram challenge, I will reach 60 days on the 28th!
2. Juice one day a week.

And that's it! Yep nice and simple, I want to concentrate on getting my back better and super strong again and as I'm eating pretty clean and well these days the addition of a juice day once a week should just help that along : )

Last but not least my blog was featured on Best of the Web! You can have a look here, I was really cuffed when they asked if I would be willing to let them feature my blog : )


Hoe did you do on your March goals?

I'm definitely not gonna feel bad about not achieving all of mine, going to yoga everyday is enough for me to be happy about!


  1. Wow! Look at all of those smoothies!!! YUM!!! Happy April!

  2. Your juices look so good! Good luck with your April goals, hope your back gets better soon. x

    1. They were pretty damn good! Thank you it's getting better everyday x

  3. I think you've done really well those smoothies look incredible! Love your straight forward goals for April and well done on your bikram!

    1. Thank you! Good luck with yours too x

  4. Your blog is amazing.I am always looking for healthy food options.These are perfect.

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad I can be of some help to you x x

  5. Beetroot juice is an amazing food.
    A recent research found out that it's a natural source of Nitric Oxide, hence a sport performance enhancer.
    I drink it regularly before training (and also pre-race) with amazing results!

    1. Yay I love beets and an aware of their greatness but haven't used them before training so will give it a go x x

  6. Those smoothies all look so fab. I love the ones that are like ice cream- I think the trick is to use frozen fruit :)
    I think you have to aim for goals, but if you achieve them all the time then they are too easy if that makes sense. You have to aim high and push yourself so not achieving them all just shows you aim high.
    Good luck for your April goals.

    1. Oh yes it's all about the frozen fruit!! X

  7. Good luck with your goals. Your smoothies look gorgeous!

  8. Well done on your goals. I hope April is just as good!