Friday, 9 March 2012

Welcome to Inside Organics, Vega Review + 10% off!!!!!!!

Good Evening bloggers!
I bet your all loving the fact its Friday, I certainly am. I have tomorrow off from the shop, a couple of clients but the rest of the day is mine more on this later first of all I would like to say a warm welcome to inside organics as my new blog sponsor!!!!!

If you are not familiar with this company your missing out! Especially if you like organic products, superfoods and all sorts of goodness! I first came across inside organics on my search for vega products on sale in the uk. If you have heard about vega you will know it is big in the states and is the creation of Brendon Brazier a professional athlete and creator of the Thrive diet who's diet is purely plant based. I really wanted to try his vega products and tracked them down to this site. I was very lucky to have some samples sent through to me..........

Wow this was an amazing selection of goodness, it included protein powders, energy enhancers, energy bars, electrolytes drinks, recovery bars and drinks

A great selection and I really like the packaging! I actually received these products quite a while ago and have been meaning to do a review for ages then when I was contacted about sponsorship I thought it would be the perfect time to get this in too!

This bar tasted really good, not too sweet like a lot of bars. I had before a yoga class and it definitely helped me power through!

The stats are pretty good too!

OMG the protein powder is so so good! Its tastes really yummy and I shall definitely be investing in some of this.

This recovery bar again was really yum! I would definitely buy these but as they're quite expensive it would have to be a treat! I am very impressed with the vega products and am looking forward to trying more. They are quite expensive but you get what you pay for. Most protein powders are filled with sweeteners and lots of baddies these are filled with a list of fab things to bring health into the body so for me, I am willing to pay that little bit more.

As you probably notice there is a 10% off code for all my readers!!!!!!!!
Wow great is that!? Really great if you ask me! I will be taking advantage of the 10% discount that's for sure and I hope you do to. Go take a look over at inside organics you are gonna be so glad if you do : )


I left you yesterday just before I left for Hastings, before leaving I had another bowl of breakfast for lunch! Apples and muesli to fill my belly : )

Belly filled I was off! I trained clients, then drove home! I had a client first thing today so thought better of staying at Dales and having to get up at 5ish!


Before heading to my clients I had a giant cherry and banana smoothie.

In the mix: frozen cherries and banana, vanilla sun warrior, baobab, spinach, linseeds, water and a little soy milk, topped with coconut and seeds!

I trained my client then walked to the shop for a day of sofa selling well actually a day of complaints : (

11am peanut butter fix

For lunch I had quinoa mixed with vegan pesto and tamari plus salad leaves, I also had unpictured apple and yogurt topped with a tbsp of malt hazelnut crunch! Yum I picked it up in infinitely today its basically granola but is only sweetened with apple juice so good!

I went to see my osteopath today which was painful to say the least but she has smoothed out my back and says I haven't done anything serious just a slight pull in the muscle so I'm all good to carry on with my challenge yay! Which is good news because tomorrow I am doing a double as I couldn't go today.

Right nearly time for new girl, so I shall say goodnight and wish you all a happy Saturday : )


Are you familiar with inside organics?

Have you heard/tried vega products?


  1. I haven't actually heard of this brand but your review makes them sound wonderful.

    1. Oh I really recommend having a try for sure!

  2. I heard of the brand but I think I will first save uo to buy some sun warrior protein powder coz it's meant to taste delish :0 Glad to hear your back is getting better x

    1. Use the 10% on inside organics website x x

  3. I'd never heard of inside organics but they sound fantastic especially if they stock vega stuff I might have to try that discount code!

    1. Oh you should definitely it tastes so good and has no baddies in it x x

  4. Think blogger just ate my comment but was just saying that company sound fab, will have to check them out!