Saturday, 17 March 2012

Veg Fest + Cookie Exchange Details

Happy Saturday!!!!!!
I have had a fabulous day, my first day off in 2 weeks and its been smiles all round : )

I started my day with a fresh juice to give me Bikram power for my 9am class! After yoga I met Dale my sister Jes and her hubby to go grab a coffee before heading to Vegfest!

I took them to a little coffee shop I know.........

OMG! Yes people I had a coffee!
But I did 5 days which isn't too bad plus I have decided to keep to the no coffee at work and just have it as a treat fair I think!?

After our refreshment we walked the 30 minutes to Hove for Vegfest!

There was lots of stalls with things to try, the nakd stand got attacked! It wasn't huge and I was very refrained usually I go crazy buying stuff but I literally bought 2 little bags of goodies and.......

This yummy no sugar orange, cardamon and linseeds bar! Me and Dale split this bad boy it was tasty. I was hoping to get some kind of lunch there but nothing really jumped out at me. We left vegfest and did some window shopping around Hove and on our way back to Brighton. By 2.30 we were all pretty hungry so we went to one of our fav eat cheap but good food places.........

Love this place its so cheap but the food is fresh and really yummy! I had the lemon grass chicken again with bun noodles, fresh veggies, spring roll and ginger and soy sauce. Perfect to fill my rumbling tum! I did feel slightly guilty eating chicken after gong to vegfest!

We parted ways after lunch and me and Dale came home to rest our sore feet!

I had a fabulous time today, great food and even better company : )

Here's my goodies purchase! Sour cherries and sugared almonds! They are not like the sugared almonds we usually get in these parts though oh no, these are coated in an organic sugar, hard to explain so I'll have to show you : )

Right what you've all been waiting for the cookie exchange details!

Below you will find your cookie partner please email each other to:

1. Discuss allergies
2. Tell each other likes/dislikes
3. Swap addresses

The rules:

1. You must make at least 12 cookies/bars.
They can be an assortment and you can make more if you like.

2. Please take photos of your cookies and send me an email with pictures so I
can do a big link up post.

3. Lastly you must send your cookies by the 2nd of April and if possible send me photos by the 7/8th of April. This gives you a good 2 weeks to get chatting and sorting your recipes/bake day, Plus we can get them posted before the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Your partners:

Jemma Celery and Cupcakes with Emma La Mia Vita Sana

Bronagh with Bekee Girl Running

Jes Lobster and swan with Karin Give Me Bananas

Lucy Porridge and Parsnips with Ffion Chocolate and Raspberries

Laura Keeping Slim Getting Stylish
with Knitting Running Eating

Ann Vivacious Healthy Me with Kate Embrace Nutrition

Marijke Beauty In The Balance with Sarah Every Day's A Picnic

Tamzin Salad And Sequins with Maria Running Cupcake

Please contact each other through the links if you have any problems email me:

Yay happy baking everyone!!!!!!!


Have you ever been to vegfest or any kind of vegetarian festival?

Today was fab I really enjoyed going round the stalls plus I got a free hand massage at the lush stall!


  1. Yay so excited about the cookie exchange!!
    I've never been to a veggie festival shame... I would love going though!
    Glad to hear you had a good day off!

  2. Oooh vegfest looks good! Would love to get some more vegan/veggie foody ideas :)

    1. It was really good some great products to try : )

  3. Excited for the cookies! So coming to veg fest next year!

  4. Excited for the cookies! So coming to veg fest next year!

    1. Me too! Yay you defo should x

  5. ooh never been to veg fest sounds like great fun. oh your cookie exchange sounds like fun. shame I missed the post about this.

    1. Awwww sorry you missed it next time!! X

  6. Yay that looks fab..and I really hate being the party pooper but it's (I know I know being petty). I hope Mr A can help with baking stuff :) Thanks for organising this Tamzin x

    1. All done sorry! Glad your taking part : )

  7. Thanks for organising the cookie exchange! It is going to be fun!
    I have never been to a veg fest, but when I used to go to music festivals I liked all the food on offer- I like farmer's markets too. Love the sound of the cardamom and orange bar.

    1. No problem thank you for signing up! The bar was yum!

  8. Thank you for organising this! I can't wait :-)

  9. Yay this is SO exciting! :)
    Thank you Tam!

  10. There's honestly nothing better than kick-off your day with a 9am Bikram class. Wish I could do that everyday!

    1. I know best start to the day!

  11. Ah, how exciting, I can't wait to start baking!! :) Thanks for arranging all this!