Thursday, 8 March 2012

This Week Is Flying!

Happy Thursday!
Can you believe how quick this week has gone!? It seems to be flying by for me : )

Today I got up early to get to Bikram for 7am, session 10! I had a good class, back is still pretty sensitive but I have a rest day and a back appointment tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that.

When I got home it was smoothie time!

In the mix:

soy milk, sun warrior vanilla protein powder, baobab, fozen banana, creamed coconut lots of spinach and lots of frozen berries, topped with hemp seeds and almonds.

This was so thick and yummy with no need for gums which I think is working better for me : )

After breakfast I trained a client now I am off to Hastings!

Have a great day x x x


Is your week flying by too?!


  1. I really love all your smoothie pictures!!

    My week has been a mixture of slow and quick! Been a bit of waiting around for someone to to their end of the deal, but deadlines, etc have come around a lot faster than expected! :)

  2. Mine's going pretty quick too which is fine by me, looking forward to weekend!

    1. Me too, even though I gave to work both days : (

  3. It has gone by in a weird way- as I spent a lot of it in hospital I have lost track of the days really. I am glad the weekend is nearly here though- more company for me :) I agree with Phil- your smoothie pictures always look fab :)

    1. Thank you I have a smoothie addiction!! X