Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunshine And Baking

Good evening, another amazing day of sun!
I feel so lucky to have taken some time off from the shop, with this sunshine beaming down on me its making it all the more delightful! Lucky as well that I have this time considering the muscle I pulled in my back, no fun standing/sitting around all day uncomfortably!

My day started with a giant green monster, not really green but by colour but green by ingredients! Laura over at Keeping Slim and Getting Stylish has set a green monster 7 day challenge and as I am a smoothie lover I thought I'd join in here's what went in:

almond milk, water, vanilla sun warrior, baobab, vanilla stevia, 2/3 handfuls spinach, 1 green apple and frozen berries. Topped with coconut and my new berry puff spelt cereal : )
This was a real tummy filler!

After breakfast had settled I went to the shops to gather cookie ingredients for my cookie exchange partner Maria's treats!

When I got back I decided a coffee was in order so frothed some almond milk

Wow I am in love with my new frothing gadget! This coffee was delish I can't wait to make Dale one of my new coffee's, he'll have to wait till next Monday though cause there's a juice detox coming up! More on this later in the week : )

I spent the afternoon baking my cookies, they all turned out well thankfully! I just hope Maria likes them, I will wait to post the recipes and pictures until she has received them. I will also be doing a big round up post when all exchanges have been completed.

After obviously having to try the cookies I made (they had to be edible!) I thought I juice would be best for lunch!

Plus this was perfect yoga fuel for my 4pm class.

My back is quite sore after yesterdays treatment but the heat definitely helped to ease the tenseness. I had a good class and am amazed that I can actually do every asana not perfectly but with a little tweaking I can do them all which is great!

When I got home I made dinner straight away, steamed cabbage and leek with quorn. I used some tamari and sesame oil for a dressing and also had 2 ryvitas with butter on the side. Yes i said butter! I have found that butter is the only dairy that doesn't give me spots or tummy problems. I was advised by a fellow blogger to try it out because the fats in butter can actually help with bad skin. I gave it a go and I have had no bad signs for it so will continue to use it. Plus I prefer to use something that is not filled with lots of ingredients and is not soya : )

I have had a fab day, I really enjoyed getting my bake on its been way to long! I am actually looking forward to doing it more often I have had some baking things on my mind for ages and will have to make some time to get on with them : )

I am looking forward to kicking back and watching Supersize vs Superskinny! I love this show its pretty grose at times but i find it really fascinating. I have another fab day planned tomorrow, a morning yoga session then my friend Jonathan is over from Berlin so is coming to Brighton for lunch and some hang out time which will be great!


Do you watch Supersize vs Superskinny?

I have watched this show since it started and am always fascinated by the amounts of foods the supersize eat and the little amounts the superskinny eat crazy!


  1. That smoothie sounds amazing! I had some coconut on mine last night :-) I'm looking forward to doing my baking at the weekend!

  2. That smoothie sounds amazing! I had some coconut on mine last night :-) I'm looking forward to doing my baking at the weekend!

    1. Oh it was! I love coconut on mine : )

  3. Love the look of your juice. I am baking my cookies tonight and cannot wait! :)

  4. Yes I watch that show! Last night's was crazy, that woman in America? It's shocking what can happen to you! x

    1. Ooooooo I know she was shocking! x

  5. Looking forward to the cookies :) :)
    I watch Supersize/ Superskinny- I am not quite sure of the start bit where they swap foods, but I like watching it generally.

    1. Awwwww I hope you like them! x x