Monday, 5 March 2012

Pudding In A Cup And A Sore Back

Hello readers!
Well its been a while since posting Friday. I've had a fab weekend and I shall tell you all about it now...........


After a slurred phone call from my client that was a little tipsy and stuck in London I didn't have to get up and train her Saturday morning which meant I had time to get a yummy juice in before Bikram

I had a giant green juice and once it settled I was off to the heat tank!

I had to work at the shop after yoga but it wasn't so bad as I started later plus was going out for dinner after which made things alllllllllll right!

Me and Dale went to Pho.
I love this place the Vietnamese food is so so good, fresh and tasty it never disappoints : )
I had their homemade lemonade and vodka to start........well it was the weekend!

Then me and Dale shared some prawn summer rolls which are rice wraps filled with raw veggies and king prawns. We also had the peanut sauce for dipping! For my main I had the lemongrass chicken which again was TASTY! Quite spicy but delicious, it was super filling though Dale had to finish mine!

After dinner we walked home and got an early night both of us were shattered!


I went to the 9am Bikram class so got up early to have a bowl of fruit topped with soy yogurt, seeds, coconut flower and cinnamon perfect yoga fuel : )

Dale came to meet me after class and we went for a coffee, I had a soy decaf latte and it was just what I needed. I used to have bought coffee a lot more than I do now so its always a great treat when I do these days : )

After our coffee we went to grab a few things from the shops, including some films then walked home. The weather was really poop so we decided it was a definite movie day : )

When we got back I made a giant smoothie for lunch, it was all I really fancied because I am ADDICTED to them!

We watched The Wrestler then Warrior. The Wrestler was good quite sad but good and I really like Warrior that may be because Tom Hardy is in hot!!!!!!

Afternoon snackage on my favorite plate, rice cakes topped with tahini and my dads homemade maramlade perfect combo!

We started to watch Blue Valentine but I think it was not to dales liking so I shall watch it this weekend as he is away with work. For dinner (no pic soz!) I made sweet pot chips, salad and omelet which was yummy and given the thumbs up by the Mr : )


I was up early to get to my 7am Bikram class. I was very organised and made my breakfast last night as i was working in the shop straight after yoga........

This was soooooooo good and the perfect protein punch I needed after yoga!
In the jar: 1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop vanilla sun warrior, a mix of seeds, 1/2 cup soy milk, frozen cherries and soy yogurt.

Last night I put the oats, protein powder and seeds in the jar and mixed then topped with the soy milk and mixed again. I then added the frozen cherries and topped with the soy yogurt and popped it in the fridge. This was a great pre prepared breakfast and so easy I shall definitely be making this again.

For lunch I had some left over quinoa mixed with tuna and the last of my vegan pesto. I had this with salad leaves and a little udos oil

I got this new tea cup and had to christen it with a pudding!
Ha ha not tea no a pudding cause I am all about the food me! I chopped a small pear then topped with soy yogurt and a few seeds, peanuts and raisins and I swear it tasted even better because the cup was just so pretty!

I have some bad news, my lower back is playing up big time god knows why?! Probably because i have kind of decided to do a 60 day challenge! I had an appointment booked today with my osteopath but got the times wrong DOH! So I will have to wait till Friday, which means taking it super slow and careful in yoga but as it heals the spine it should be all good plus I know how to regress all the poses so all good : )

So yes I have decided to try and complete a 60 day challenge! I am really looking forward to the next couple of months and hope my back gets better quick. I will be staying out of the gym though till my back is better so that goal is on hold right now but the no chocolate and yoga is going strong I complete session 7 today only another 53 to go!!!!!

Right that's me all caught up, I hope you had a fab weekend and your start to the week has been all good?


Do you eat out of cups, jars and odd things?

Cute, quirky, pretty then I'll eat out of it!


  1. Goodness you have the coolest instagrams!

    And now I'm craving a soy latte :)

  2. Just hang in there..I know how annoying it is to have to ease off of something you're enjoying so much..isn't is such a pain it takes a long time for the back/spine to feel ok again? i found tiget balm really helped me with the pain (its all natural and you can pick it up in most supermarkets these days :)

    1. I know, I was out of action for 6 months a couple of years ago so don't want that to happen again, bloody back! x x

  3. Bad news about your back, hope the gentle yoga helps - I think a 60 day challenge is amazing, so jealous! Love the tea cup, I definitely think that prettier bowls and what not make things taste nicer ;-)

  4. Not sure if blogger just ate my comment but was just saying hope your back is ok and yoga helps! 60 day challenge sounds awesome!

  5. Sorry about your back pain. I love eating out of pretty bowls and teacups.

  6. Back pain stinks! Sorry to hear that hun. Better get Dale to give you a nice massage! :)

    My juicer arrived yesterday and I am so happy to have one again! And now I can't find The Juicemaster's book anymore.. No idea where I've left it!


    1. Ha he'd probably make it worse! Yay to the juicer, I couldn't live without mine now!! X

  7. Hope your back isn't too bad.
    What's your 60 day challenge? To exercise for 60days? Or pratice yoga?
    I used to eat my breakfast out of jars in the library and I would get such strange looks. I don't care anymore though!

    1. Thank you, I am doing 60 days of Bikram yoga! All going well : )