Friday, 16 March 2012

More Kelp Noodles + Some Turron

Good evening, I hope your all as happy as me that the weekend has come!?
I finally have 2 days off to do what I want, 2 weeks of non stop work has taken its toll!

This morning I had time before work, as I wake up so early, to get some tidying done before breakfast whilst drinking my hot water, lemon and ginger : )

For breakfast I had a giant mixed berry protein smoothie, topped with hazelnut malt crunch and coconut, delicious!

Walked to the shop after and had a green tea with pineapple and grapefruit which was really yum : )

My boss has just come back from his holidays, look what he bought me! The chocolate I obviously can't have but the turron I shall be having! I gave the wine to my housemate, she loves wine I on the other hand do not : )

For lunch I had kelp (from vivapure, use the code VPFRIEND7 to get 7% off!) noodles in a peanut flour sauce I also drizzled a little roasted peanut oil over too and mixed with quorn and steamed veggies. This was the best lunch I've had for a while!

I also had some prunes, almonds and soy yogurt.

After work I went to Bikram which gets me to 18! Then Dale picked me up and we came home, I had a juice for dinner it was all I really fancied the class was so bloody hot!

For those of you who commented to take part in the cookie exchange I will be pairing you up tomorrow as well as posting rules. I will pair you up in my post tomorrow so you can see your partner and email each other. I think this will be easiest as there are so many of you, I hope this is ok with everyone?


Have you ever eaten Turron?

I used to eat this when I lived in Barcelona and I love it, even though it is hard enough to crack your teeth!


  1. Nope never tried it but I don't think I need any more sweets that I can potentially like lol
    Excited for cookie exchange though :)

    1. It is dangerous so sweet but very moreish! x x

  2. Hope you enjoy your weekend, I'm so jealous of vegfest! Next year I might come down for it!

    1. It was so much fun you should defo come next year! x x