Sunday, 18 March 2012

Just Eat Review

How can the weekend be over already!?
This definitely makes me sad because I've had such a wonderful 2 days. Yesterday was Vegfest which you can read about here.

My Saturday evening saw me doing something very out of the ordinary! Me and Dale got a takeaway! We have never done that before together and I haven't eaten one for a good year or so. But when I was contacted to do a Just Eat review to show you can get a healthy takeaway I thought why not?!

Just Eat is a website where you can pop your postcode into the search box and it will bring up all the takeaways in your area connected to the site. You can then pick the one you fancy order and pay online then await your meal delivered to your door : )

I did this and it just so happened the Thai round the corner from me was on there which was a strike of luck especially as my flatmate has been there and said the food was good. I wanted to also go for Thai because out of the choices this was the healthiest option!

We had:

Cashew and king prawn red curry.......

Jasmin rice..........

Vegetables in oyster sauce..........

And green Thai curry with tofu!
This was a beast of a plate of food but all in the name of the review of course! I actually really enjoyed this meal all the food tasted fresh and the sauces weren't gloppy and thick like the MSG sauces you get from a Chinese. All the dishes tasted lovely and definitely got the thumbs up from Dale! The whole process of ordering the takeaway with Just Eat was so simple I would definitely recommend the service to those that like to have a takeaway. I will definitely use it again if I am ever in the mood for one!


Me and Dale had a nice lazy start to our Sunday. It started with a hot water and lemon whilst watching Blue Valentine (sunday morning in bed with Ryan Gosling not to bad! Ha ha) then we got up, dressed and walked into town.

We got to town around 10 and no shops open till 11 so we decided a hot chocolate in the sun was needed! Soy hot chocolate you tasted just as good as you look : )

We went and got Dales mum some flowers and picked up some food then went back home for brunch!

My brunch was a little smaller than Dales! I had a bowl of muesli and granola with a banana and a small apple. Dale had a french stick cut into 3 filled with ham and coleslaw, the boy was hungry! ha ha

We went for a little walk in the sun then home again so I could get ready for yoga, session 20!

I had a power juice before getting my stuff together for yoga, I actually added my juice to the blender with a frozen banana and berries to give me extra fuel!

Session 20 was A OK! Great class and I can feel my back getting stronger every time I go which is fab. I have a back attack booked with my Osteopath tomorrow which will also include a sports massage, I can't wait for it!

When I got home I threw together a quick dinner. Falafel salad with lemon and coriander hummus, my favourite. I also had a couple of unpictured rice cakes and a bowl of granola with coconut flour and rice milk : )

I have loved this weekend and can't wait for the next couple! I have to work the next 4 days in the shop then I have taken some holiday days so wont be back there till the 4th of April, yay! Lots of time to sort out my much neglected room and have some time to chill!


Whats the best thing you did this weekend?

Mine has definitely been hanging with Dale, my sister and her hubby : )


  1. That takeaway looks so good! I hardly ever have takeaways as I always think that they're really unhealthy but yours looks so colourful and veggie-filled. x

    1. It really was good! We did chose the healthier dishes but that was the idea of the review to show you can eat well even if it's take out, plus I can't stand all those greasy meals anyway x x

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend, that takeaway sounds excellent! Best thing I did this weekend was spending time with my best friend and her little girl :-)

  3. I think blogger ate my comment again! Looks like you had a fab weekend :-)

  4. I love thai food! You're right it is so much better than chinese!

    1. Definitely I never eat Chinese but Thai I love x

  5. The takeaway dinner sounds great! The best thing I did this weekend was spend time with the bf!

  6. Looks like you had an amazing weekend!

  7. This all looks so amazing! I'm in LOVE with everything!

  8. I have never heard of that website before but it sounds like a good idea, especially if you were somewhere away from home where you would not know what was nearby.
    I had fun baking this weekend :)

    1. It would definitely be perfect if you were away! Yay to baking : )

  9. Wow! I'll have to check that out -your meal looks delicious! First time stopping by and I'm your newest follower! :) xo

  10. Wow I miss Thai food, it looked amazing. You've seriously got my craving thai food!

    The best thing I did this weekend was a night out with my girlfriends dancing the night away!

    1. You definitely can't beat a night dancing with the girls! X