Thursday, 15 March 2012

If Its Good Enough For Goldie........

Hello, here late again so another short and sweet post from me : )

Today started with my usual 7am Bikram class, session 17! Can't believe how quickly its gone I'll be 60 before I know it! On my way out of the class room I noticed a newspaper article...........

Anyone into there Drum 'N' Bass will know this dude its Goldie! Yep he's a lover of the torture chamber and was at my studio not long ago. He is going to do the teacher training if the rumors are true pretty cool huh? You can read the article here

When I got home I made a giant smoothie to feed my hungry tum!

Trained a client after breaky, came home got stuff ready for Hastings, did some things round the house and before leaving I ate a bowl of muesli for lunch : )

I was supposed to stay in Hastings tonight but Dale got held up at a new lake he plans to start fishing on so I came home, I was starving! When I got in I made a very yummy dinner, after seeing Laura's kelp noodles earlier I new what dinner had to be!

I steamed quorn, kelp noodles, green beans and broccoli then covered in a sauce of vegan pesto and peanut flour mixed with water. OMG this was a beaut! Real yummy yum yummy!!!

Its been a long day, I am looking forward to getting tomorrows day in the shop done and having the weekend off, 2 whole days yes! I am really looking forward to Saturday because me and Dale are meeting my sis and her hubby then going to Brighton's VegFest!!!

Ok that's me done for the day, hope you had a fab Thursday x x


What are you loving right now?

Bikram, Hemp Milk, Smoothies, Peanut Flour, Clients Hitting Goals : )


  1. I'm loving strawberry frozen yoghurt and my spiffy baby blue contigo water bottle :)

  2. Yum frozen yogurt is so good!

  3. Hope you have a great weekend! You've got me craving pesto noodles now! Cool that Goldie was at your studio!

    1. You too lovely! I know the noodles are do addictive!! X

  4. They do an amazing frozen yogurt selection in wagamamas...mmm!

  5. I'm guessing it's not dairy free though?! X

  6. I honestly love kelp noodles! I'll definitely try your recipe.
    I also like to make them with sun dried tomatoes pesto (vegan and delicious!)

    1. Oooooo sounds lovely I'll have to try yours too!