Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hemp Loving + Evening Workouts

I am checking in pretty late so its a quick post tonight : )


My day started with a 7am Bikram class

I came home made a giant smoothie with my new addiction Hemp milk!
Review coming soon!

Breakfast digested I was back in the yoga room for class 2 of the day!

I came home again ate soup then hit the road to Hastings. Trained my sis and her hubby then went to Dales : )

The boy made dinner it twas good!


After a drive home this morning I was ready for another yummy smoothie same as yesterday!

I worked at the shop today, it was real quite so I got to catch up on my blog reading you all made my day! I love the blogs I follow you rock!

Lots of green tea was drunk, I had the last of my soup for lunch.

I also had my fav combo a little later : )

After work I came home drank a juice and ate a tiny bowl of muesli before heading to my 7.30pm Bikram class. I always find the evening classes a struggle to get to, I would always choose a morning class but doing the challenge sometimes I have no choice but to get there later. Once I'm there though its all good I get in the zone and I love it!

I am up early to get to class tomorrow and have a day full of clients, Yay!
Hopefully I can get the time to come say hi : )


When do you exercise, morning, night or somewhere in between?

First thing in the morning is my favorite time and no later then 5 if I have a choice : )


  1. I always prefer morning exercise and for evenings I prefer before 6 although I don't mind doing relaxing yoga later as I find it helps me sleep!

    1. My yoga isn't too relaxing but I do it in the evening when I have too!

  2. Two a day that's impressive!!!
    I think my favourite workout time would be 8am.. Or 9 if I have to travel to get there :). But yesterday I went for a run at 7-ish and really enjoyed it as it allowed me to wind down and relax.

    1. I love doing the 7am yoga class sets me up for the day and my workout is done before 9am love it!

  3. I would much rather exercise at about 10 am! Very specific! In the holidays I would have breakfast, potter, then go out for a run. But because of work I can't really do that (would have to be up at about 4am I think to fit it in, a shower in etc), so in the week I exercise after work but before dinner, which is my next best time.

    1. Bloody work always gets in the way!!

  4. I do prefer morning exercise sessions, but recently I haven't minded working out a little later in the day.

  5. I much prefer evening workouts, but recently have been enjoying later workouts too.

  6. I've never had hemp milk but I've heard mixed reviews. I'm glad you like it!

    Your pigtails are adorable :)