Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Feeding My Aloka Addiction

Yay to another fabulous day off!
I am loving my time away from the shop especially as the weather has been so glorious!

Today I had Bikram at 10am so plenty of time for breakfast before class especially as my body clock like me to get up nice and early!

My green/purple smoothie contained: almond milk, water, sun warrior, baobab, lots of spinach, peanut butter and lots of berries! Topped with organic west country spelt granola!

Class 29 of my challenge was good, my back is still really sore and restricted but after class and during today it has felt loads better so its definitely on the mend!

I went home to drop off my things and get changed before going to meet my friend Jonathan. He is over visiting from Berlin and came to Brighton to visit me for the afternoon : )

He got here at 1 so perfect time for lunch, he wanted health on a plate so I new exactly where to go.............


Yep I thought another lunch in Aloka would go down well, health on a plate for sure!

I had a plate full of gorgeousness, everything tasted so fresh, I love the rocket hummus

This little polenta cake was topped with sundried tomato pate and tasted fab!

The tofu red lentil dahl was real good too, well it was all fab actually I need a job there so I can eat there everyday! So if you ever looking : )

Lunch consumed and settled we went for a little walk then grabbed an iced coffee and took a seat in the sun. We sat for ages catching up on months of missed talking, it was lovely I miss my brother from another mother LOADS!

We did a little more walking lots more chatting then it was time for Jonathan to get the train.

For dinner I made a leek omelet with salad, this was yummy : )

I have been super snacky this evening and have eaten a couple of my cookie exchange cookies, they are so good! I'm looking forward to sharing them with you : )

I am off to Hastings tomorrow and staying there so no post tomorrow.

I am doing another juice detox starting Friday. Dale really wanted to do it and after some serious snack attacks lately I am feeling the need too, plus now i know what to expect I think it will be easier! I am slightly changing it and having thicker juices in the mornings before yoga to give me the energy for class but other than that I am keeping to the plan.


Whats the best thing you ate today?

My meal at Aloka wins hands down!


  1. Every single time you post about aloka I get so jealous! Can't wait for my next trip down so I can indulge! I did a bit of a juices and smoothies thing yesterday - hope your juice fast goes well :-)

    1. Ha ha it is amazing! I am really looking forward t the juicing do need it right now! X

  2. Baobab...where am I going to find it??? I'm intrigued, I never had it and really wonder what it tastes like!

    1. I get it from my local health food store. You could get it online if you can't track it down locally but if your in NY i bet you can get it somewhere! It has quite a sour taste but I mix it in with loads of other stuff x

  3. best food ever at that place!! x

  4. Oh you are so lucky living in Brighton- I loved Aloka when I went there- it was all so fresh and delicious and of course healthy too.
    I made a nice wrap for lunch- wholemeal wrap, roasted pepper hummus, rocket and basil leaves- that was very tasty (although I forgot about the baby avocado that I was ripening on the window!).

    1. Yum! Your lunch sounds pretty damn good to me x x

  5. You're so lucky with the weather! I wish I had those days off. The sunshine is amazing. Apparently the weather's going to be rubbish this weekend. Sigh..
    I can't wait to go to Aloka. Sounds delish!!

    1. Yay I can't wait for you to come and try it too, Bikram followed by a raw feast sounds perfect!!!!!! x x

  6. I'm still loving those smoothie pictures!!

    I haven't eaten much today, which is weird considering I did an 18k run this morning (!) but it was probably the pink lady apple with peanut butter I had about 15 minutes ago :) xx

    1. Thank you, you might be able to tell I am a little addicted!

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  7. Aloka sounds like my kind of restaurant. The food looks great!