Thursday, 22 March 2012


I am so happy to have finished my last day at the shop till the 4th of April!!!
I only work 3 days a week there (if no ones on holiday!) so when I take my holidays it works out get a week and a half off, so good!

My day started with a 7am Bikram class then I went straight to work where I had breakfast. Fresh juice that I made before yoga and put some ice cubes in to keep cool.

And look what I got a METAL STRAW!!!!!!
I have wanted one of these for AGES and was so excited when it turned up, this made my day!

Along with my juice I had chopped apple and almonds.

All I had with me for lunch today was a boiled egg and some salad leaves so I popped up to M&S to grab one of their salad pots.

I went for the couscous with roasted veggies which is was lovely : )

I have had 2 more things getting me excited today............

Firstly the arrival of a new book I have been asked to review!
Heidi Swanson's super natural everyday. I am so excited about this book I have already had a flick through and the recipes are so tasty I can't wait to try some out. Hopefully I can get cooking next week : )

Secondly this photo challenge for April has also got me excited! It has been designed by Lesley over at The Purple Carrot and is for anyone that wants to take part. If you are on instagram you can do the photo challenge that way or just do it on your blog! I will be doing both, I plan to do a round up post each week of food photos : )

I have just finished a bowl of soup for my dinner and Dale is waiting for me to hurry up and finish on here so I shall say goodnight : )


What got you excited today?


  1. Love that metal straw. I may actually join in Aprils photo a day- it looks like fun!

  2. I think I might join in as well if I remember! Like the idea of doing a foodie one! My tattoo got me excited today!

    1. Awwww a tattoo would have definitely got me excited too!!

  3. Today caramelised onions got me excited..they were out of this world lol other than that the good weather and seeing a swan (pic on my blog) was also exciting. May buy a metal straw myself though worried I will be allergic to it. Do you know what is it exactly made of? I can;t have anything with nickel in it x

    1. Stainless steal, awwwww I saw your picture lovely view! X

  4. Yay! I hope you have a great time off from work! :)

    As always, your eats look delish! I love apples and almonds as a snack.

  5. love your blog hun! it's so good! you have amazing taste!
    keep up the good work!
    mind checking mine out? i recently changed the web address, its now Idiotic fashion
    thank you! would be an honour!
    <3 Lottie

    1. Thank you! Will come have a look x