Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cupcakes + Breakfast For Lunch

Hello Hump day readers!
I hope all is well your side of the screen?
I'm all good, my back is feeling a lot better and I am hours away from my 10th Bikram session meaning I am a 6th of the way through, woooooohoooooo!


I had the morning to myself and no Bikram session till 11.30am so I got up and enjoyed a hot water and lemon before whipping up a giant protein smoothie.......

This puppy was delicious and very filling. In the mix: 1 frozen banana, 3tbsp soy yog, 1 scoop vanilla sun warrior, 1 tsp baobab, 2 handfuls spinach, frozen cherries

After breakfast I went on a frozen fruit mission and on the way did some flyering. By the time I got home Bikram was calling so I packed my back and walked to class.

When I got back I decided to have breakfast for lunch. I just needed something fast, filling with not much thought to go into making it......muesli with a chopped pear and plum, perfect!

After lunch I got all my stuff together then drove to Hastings to train clients and stay at Dales. I trained mu sister and her hubby last and as I was leaving she gave me...........

2 Raspberry and Coconut Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!

I had soup for dinner and this yummy cake for pudding! OMG my sister truly does make the BEST cakes, fluffy light and uber tasty. Well done Jes!

Dale was super happy when I turned up with cake for him : )


I drove back from Hastings early and got ready for a day in the shop.......

Face, hair and clothes sorted it was breakfast time!

Giant mixed berry smoothie topped with coconut flour and seeds.

We had so much to do today at work which makes a change, but I also had to deal with loads of complaints and grumpy customers roll on a headache!

I was glad when lunch time came and I could hide away eat soup and read ELLE : )

In the afternoon I had a homemade juice to give me Bikram fuel for my 5.30pm class, I also had a spoonful of PB it was needed honest!

No.9 was great! I am having to be extra mindful because of my back which is actually working in my favor. I have to suck my stomach in so tight and skip the sit ups but the pain is going and I am feeling pretty good. I have a back appointment on Friday so I am looking forward to that.

Dinner was easy peasy I fried some onions then added tuna and an egg to the pan and served with broccoli. Healthy quick and very easy!

I am up early for no.10 in the Bikram challenge then a busy day of clients in Brighton and Hastings before coming home. Hopefully I will have time to come say hi : )

Have a fab Thursday peeps x x x


Do you eat breakfast for lunch?

I sometimes do and for dinner!
Sometimes you just need a meal that needs no thought, right?!


  1. I do often eat breakfast for lunch or even tea..sometimes you just can't beat the speediness of lovely cereal, fruit and almond slivers :)

  2. I have breakfast for dinner quite often! That cupcake looks so good. x

  3. I love breakfast for lunch and sometimes dinner too, it is the best meal of the day :-) those cupcakes look amazing, I have a serious cupcake craving now!

    1. Oh my the cupcake was divine! My sister has it down to an art now! X

  4. I had breakfast for dinner last night- feeling a bit ropey after coming back from the hospital, so had some muesli with almond milk as it was what I fancied. :)

    1. Awwww I hope your feeling ok! Yum almond milk is so good x x