Sunday, 19 February 2012

Who Won the £50 Voucher???

Good evening, its Sunday evening which means its Giveaway time!!!!!!!

Who won the £50 voucher you ask...............

Names in a pretty bowl..............

Yay to you lady, I will send your details over and you'll receive your unique voucher code shortly.

Day 19. something you hate to do.....

I hate to get up when my body clock decides!

My Sunday started with a 9am Bikram class, I made a delicious wait for it........smoothie/juice to give me yoga fuel, bet you never would have guess!

I thickened my juice with an avocado, I drank half before yoga and half afterward before heading to my clients house.

When I got home it was lunch time and all I fancied was another smoothie, basically I wanted to rip into my vanilla sun warrior protein powder : )
This was so good I could have eaten it twice!

In the mix:
frozen berries, 1 banana, soy yogurt, baobab, spirulina, water and juice from spinach, beetroot, celery, cucumber and carrot. Topped with peanut flour, seeds and chocolate coconut dust!

I spent the afternoon sorting out a new venture (more on this another time) then when Dale got here we walked to town and went to see The Woman in Black. The film was really good pretty jumpy, I actually hid behind my coat for some of it, ha ha ha ha

Came home and had soup with ryvitas oh and a little dark chocolate : )

I am now chilling with a cup of hot water lemon and ginger, I am suffering from a little headache so I think bed is beckoning till tomorrow x x x


Have you seen The Woman in Black, what did you think?

I think it was a great the only thing that ruined it was the baby crying down the front of the cinema and beastly teenager belching!


  1. Hope the movie was good, I'm not a fan of horror films so I'll be giving it a miss!

  2. Wow gosh that's fantastic!! I never win anything! Thanks hun (and sunglasses shop!). <3

    Haha I loved the "...wait for it..." - you sound like Barney from How I Met Your Mother. :)

    Gosh I can't believe people go to the cinema with babies.. Jeeez!!!


  3. Woman In Black is an amazing film - we saw it at the weekend and loved it - sooooooooooo creepy