Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thumbs Up Thursday

Thumbs up to Thursday!
Ha ha its been a pretty good day for me, how about you?
I only had one client today and a dental appointment so pretty lazy all in all before we talk about that here is today's photo:

Day 9. Front door

My Thumbs up Thursday started with a 7am Bikram class which was hot, sweaty and a fabulous. I practiced next to one of the Bikram teachers Chokae. He is currently doing 108 days of yoga and writing a blog about it, you can catch up with him here and read about his journey and hilarious musings : )

I got home and was hmmmm hungry!

For breakfast I had my skin smoothie, I also threw in a banana, teaspoon of manuka honey for my cold and some baobab powder (another "more on this later" product, need to take photos!)
This was delicious and so light it didn't take long to digest which was prefect as I planned to go to gym for workout no.2!!!!!

I did a fab PHA circuit followed by 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. It was great to be back on the treadmill its been a while!

I came home and had a quick hemp protein smoothie before going to train a client. I then went to the dentist which was a breeze thankfully, I HATE the dentist!

When I got in my tummy was rumbling so I fixed a pretty yummy snack, ryvita topped with tuna and salad cream and cucumber. So good!

I also had a Chai spiced tea and.......

A couple of squares of dark chocolate. Dale got me a big bar from Italy so it would be rude not too!

I am now just chilling out on the couch, I'm still full from my afternoon snacks so think some steamed veggies later for dinner will be all I need : )

A definite thumbs up day me thinks x x x


Did you have a Thumbs Up Thursday?


  1. I feel shattered but its only because i know i worked hard in my classes. Biggest thumbs up goes to getting booked into the newest class - CX WOrks. Actually no, bigger thumbs up because i helped a friend who doesn't have internet get booked into classes. She was talking about quitting the gym and i know its improved her health like it has mine, so thought i'd offer a helping hand. So glad she accepted it.

  2. Oh my gosh that blog is hilarious! I just read a few entries. I love the yoga community! :))

    My Thursday was rather average.. in a good way. So yep, thumbs up. :)