Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Book Review

Hello Saturday Readers!!!
I hope your weekend is going well, mine is going good. I trained a client first thing, then worked at the shop which wasn't too bad especially as I got to leave an hour early : )

My day started with a cup of hot water and lemon followed by another pink smoothie! This puppy was cherry and raspberry so good!

I was at my clients for 7.45 and once she was successfully sweaty and feeling well trained I was off to the shop. Around 11am an unpictured nakd bar was eaten : )

Day.25 green

My 25th February photo was to be something green and luckily my metal flask was green and so was my lunch time smoothie/juice......well planned!

Along with my green juice I had some rice cakes and almond butter for lunch too.

Before I leave you to have dinner and get ready for my girlie night out I have a quick book review to share with you...........

Run Fat Bitch Run

Run Fat Bitch Run is written by Ruth Field who also has the blog Run Fat Bitch Run. I was offered the book to review just before Christmas and finally had time. The book is basically helping you to get out and get running. The is aimed at those who cannot laugh at then selves which is in fact stated within the pages this is because some people would be a little upset by being called a fat bitch! But hey sometimes the truth hurts right?! Ha ha well I really like this book it helps you get back into your running stride with an easy plan which most people should be able to fit into their schedule it is especially good if you are not a member of a gym. I like Ruth's straight to the point way of writing and as she is someone that wasn't a runner or fit but changed her life around by putting on her trainers and getting off her butt!

I also received this book A Little Book of Diet Help written by Kimberly Willis. This has some good tips to keep you on the straight and narrow whilst trying to lose weight. It is a mini guide using elements from hypnotherapy, yoga, NLP, as well as common sense. I found the tips useful and interesting but to be honest I'm not sure these would be something I would use without having to cary the book around with me as some of the tips are quite long winded.

To round things up, I would definitely recommend having a read of Run Fat Bitch Run if you have a sense of humor and can laugh at yourself! The Diet Help book is worth a read if this is something that interests you and are looking for some tips you have yet to hear about : )

Time to get my self sorted for my night on the town me thinks, hopefully I will not be nursing a hangover tomorrow, well not a bad one anyway! Ha ha have a nice Saturday night x x


Have you read either of these books?

If you have what did you think?


  1. Both of those books sound cool! I like reading books about healthy living :) I think that's why I like blogging so much ;) haha

  2. I love the sound of Run Fat Bitch Run. In fact, I might just buy it! I've just started running so it might give me the boost I need to improve! x

  3. Seriously the prettiest SMOOTHIE ever! When I saw on instagram I was in love!

    happy weekend! :)

  4. I got those books to review as well, I thought pretty much exactly the same as you! Hope you had a good night out!

  5. I have never read those books but they sound interesting. Hope you enjoyed yourself.