Friday, 24 February 2012

Pink Food and Homemade Marmalade

Hey I bet your happy its Friday?
I am because it means one more day till a night on the town with my old housemate Hannah, I just wish I didn't have to work Saturday and Sunday! Yes I shall have to try and keep in control of the boozing Saturday night that's for sure then again having not had one drink since new year a glass of wine and I'll be done for the night! I'm sure you'll get to hear all about it though so for now lets rewind to Thursday before we get to today.........


I went to my 7am Bikram class to start the day off right. It was a rough class to be honest the heat really got to me and I felt sick for most of the 90 minutes but hey you won some you lose some right?

Day 23. your shoes

I got home and was in desperate need for breakfast......enter the pinkest yummiest smoothie.....

This was soooooo good and just what I needed o cool down and recover fro my beast of a yoga class! In the mix: 1 banana, soy yogurt, baobab, sun warrior vanilla, loads of frozen raspberries, and a little water to thin. Topped with almonds and seeds......amazing!

After breakfast I went to train a client before heading to Hastings to train more there.

I went to see my dad, on the way up the garden I passed the gate watcher! I ate my lunch there, soup with rice cakes and tahini. I had a couple of hours spare so hung with my dad which was nice.

My dad made me marmalade, grapefruit, orange and lemon to be precise!

I obviously had to try some, my dad kindly gave me some GF sunflower bread to slather, oh boy this marmalade is fantastic thanks papa : )

I went to my sisters next to train her and the hubby, I also got to see my favorite nieces!

When I finished training clients I went and met Dale, went to the supermarket to grab dinner and some things he needed for this weekends fishing trip (he is as we speak hanging by a river somewhere waiting for a bite!)

I was so hungry by the time dinner was being cooked that I broke into the salted and roasted almonds, just couldn't help myself! By the way so good : )

We had a falafel salad topped with lemon and coriander hummus, this was just what I needed.
Once this had settled I was straight into bed it was a long day and I felt done in!


Day 24. inside your bathroom cabinet

I drove back from Hastings early and got ready for a day in the shop. I had a really unsettled nights sleep (mind as on overtime) and felt exhausted.

Before work I had a cherry bomb smoothie so good!

Lunch was 2 boiled eggs and the last of my homemade soup

I also had a one of my homemade juices : )

Feeling so tired I decided to give my usual after work Bikram class a miss in favor of coming home to chill : )

For dinner I made a veggie mountain. Steamed cabbage mixed with vegan pesto and olive tofu with roasted veggies on the side, perfect!

As I said I am working Saturday and Sunday in the shop as well as seeing a client tomorrow morning at 7.30am happy Saturday! I can't wait to see Hannah and catch up tomorrow night though a god girlie night is really needed. I hope you have a fun weekend planned what ever that may be x x x


Do you like marmalade?

To be honest it isn't something I normally buy but homemade marmalade is totally different I love it!


  1. I love your shoes and foot tattoos. x

  2. You need to try the wasabi or bbq versions of those almonds, they are soooo good! Hope you have a great night out tonight and work isn't too rough tomorrow ;)

  3. That smoothie is soooooo pink! Is that the colour of the baooab (not sure how to spell it!)- or just the raspberries? I do like marmalade- esp different combos like lime and lemon, or grapefruit. Hardly ever have it though. I have seen some nice recipes for marmalade loaf cakes too.

    1. It's just the fruit the baobab is white, ooooooo marmalade loaf sounds good x x

  4. Hope you have a great night out! I'm not crazy about marmalade either but like you say home made jams I'm always into!

  5. That is the PINKEST smoothie I think I've ever seen!!

    I used to hate marmalade but my friend Sas gave me a jar of her homemade stuff and I really like it. So I think yes, homemade is definitely better!!

  6. I think that is the PINKEST smoothie I've ever seen!!

    Never used to like marmalade until I was given a jar of homemade stuff by my friend - it's so delicious. Homemade is the way to go! :)

    1. Your eats look so healthy! I love it :) encouraging for me... I also love your shoes and the what's inside your cabinet :)

      I don't really eat marmalade too often, however, if it were homemade...I'd prolly enjoy it!