Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Monster Catch Up + Fruitdrop Review

Wow its been a few days since I showed my face round here!
Sorry for being MIA but I have had a sick boy to nurse better, more on that later we have some rewinding to do.............


Saturday night after my post I got on my glad rags to have a night out on the town

I waited for my friend Hannah to come round then cracked open a bottle of wine.......

We drank, gossiped and then hit the town. We met up with her friend Adam and had a fab night which I didn't get home from till 4am! Ha ha it was lots of fun and I had a good old dance which was much needed. Unfortunately my Sunday head did not agree..........


OMG bad head, bad head, bad head!!!

I had to work at the shop Sunday which was not good! I made sure to get some goodness in before having to start. Green juice and a cherry n raspberry protein smoothie, the coolness was good on the stomach!

My Sunday lasted for ever, I was so glad when home time came. Back home I waited for dale to arrive he had been fishing for the weekend but got really sick (maybe food poisoning?!). He was glad to be back and not in a tent!

Day 26. night


I was off Monday and actually felt pretty sick myself, maybe the weekend still hadn't left my system, any how i didn't end up going to Hastings I stayed home bed bound nursing myself and a very poorly boy : (

I had a smoothie for breakfast then there was a knock at the door.......

A box for Tamzin!

I was asked o review the company Fruitdrop

Fruitdrop is a fab fruit delivery company getting work places to eat more fruit rather than going down the sugary snack route when hunger hits. Fruitdrop have fruit deliveries all over uk which means you could sign up to receive a box for your work place if its something you think would work for you?

I got a fabulous array of fruit goodness in my box, bananas, apples, pears, grapes, nectarines and plums. All look like good quality and what I have tasted so far has been delish! The grapes were gobbled by the sick boy and as they stayed down I was happy for him to eat them! All in all I am very pleased with my Fruitdrop experience. The delivery was on time, the fruit is yummy and the selection is great too. I would highly recommend this company and if you can order in fruit why not give them a go!

Right back on with Monday, I felt kind of weird so when lunch time came round I just had a juice, in a JD glass of course!

Day 27. something you ate

For dinner I had soup : )


I had today off too, lucky me!
Ha ha lucky really as the boy was not up for driving to Hasting but needed to go back there so I did the drive (aren't I nice!?) I felt better but my tum has really not been my friend........

For breakfast I had a giant berry and banana protein smoothie. Filling and delicious, you just can't go wrong with on of these puppies!

Breakfast settled we were off to Hastings

Popped into dales so he could get some stuff and I could hang out with the doggies! We literally stayed for about 20 minutes then we back in the car coming back to Brighton : )

We got home and it was lunch time! Eggs on toast for Dale and ryvita for moi

I also had a green juice.

I finally got back in the torture chamber today! 4pm Bikram class was my first since Thursday, jeez I think this has been another reason my tum has been weird. I was glad to be back in and actually signed up for another challenge! More on this Thursday

Day 28. money

I hope you all had a fab weekend and start to your week?
Mine has been eventful but its meant we're already nearly half way through not long till the weekend!


Have you heard of Fruitdrop, do you get a fruit delivery at work?

I will be suggesting this to my work colleagues but they are more cookies then apples unfortunately!

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  1. I was gutted as Fruit Drop don't deliver in my area! :-( Must have been a great night if you didn't get home till 4, sometimes you just need nights out like that!