Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Just another Hump Day + £50 Giveaway!!!!!

Good evening how's the hump day going?!
Mine has been good, bit boring at the shop but what's new. Did you all have a nice February 14th? I definitely did, me and Dale just stayed in. I made a curried cauliflower soup which we had with rye bread (roll on the tummy ache!) and I made some heart shaped cookies which actually didn't turn out so good which means I shall refrain from sharing it with you sorry guys!

We watched a movie and a also ate a raw orange and cardamon chocolate truffle. They were so rich I still have the other 2 in my fridge! Delish though : )


Day 15. phone

Before I get on with my day I want to tell you again about this fab £50 giveaway I am holding and give you a bonus way of winning! Please tweet about this giveaway as well as following and liking the sunglasses twitter and facebook pages. Comment on Yestedays post to tell me you have done this, come on peeps its such a great giveaway!!!!!!

Ok onto my day, I got up early and went to the gym first thing. I did a 45 minute PHA circuit. Freshened up and went home to make lunch and have breakfast. I had a hemp smoothie no pick sorry but have to doubt it was scrummy : )

I worked at the shop, got a good sale in the morning but the rest of the day was dull, apart fro lunch of course! I had the left over soup from last night with rice cakes. I also ate an apple. My afternoon snack was 2 boiled eggs : )

I got home and made a teapigs lemon and ginger tea
(more on teapigs soon)

Then a giant green tuna mess, yum!

I am looking forward to getting to yoga tomorrow morning. I haven't been since Monday so am feeling in desperate need for some heat! I have been mulling over doing another 30 day Bikram challenge for March, I've worked it out and could fit it in this space!

One more thing I saw this picture on my friends FB and loved it so thought I'd share : )

I'm in Hastings tomorrow but hopefully I can come say hi x x x


Have you entered my giveaway!?

New sunglasses whats not to like!?


  1. Hope you enjoy your bikram, I'm still feeling so sad for not having it to do up here! I think another 30 day challenge would be amazing!

  2. Wow..I have seen the same pic about personal trainers in my FB feed as well. Funnily enough I also had lemon and giner tea but it was green tea :)