Monday, 6 February 2012

Juicing day 3

Yay I made it to day 3 of my juice detox and I'm feeling pretty good other than a sore throat but I have a sneaky suspicion its from all the pineapple I have been drinking!

Oh one other thang before I get to the juicy bits (ha ha sorry!) Dale made it home ok last night, late but he got back which is main thing : )

I had a lemon and hot water to start the day, I will be carrying this one from now. 5 used to do this ages ago but got into the habit of getting up and drinking a coffee but no more!

After popping to town to restock with beets we had our morning juice

I had to move my car after which was pretty scary the ice was still thick but I made it out ok! Trained my sis and her hubby then drove to Dales.

This beast was drunk between breakfast and lunch : )

Monday has turned into another movie day! Dale has the day off so why not?! I took all my juices pre made to his. This was so good the avocado in it makes it so creamy

Random fish picture! I love Dales sisters fish!

Mid afternoon juice looks like crap but tastes like cola so all good!

I am now gonna snuggle up with the boy and watch Keanu in a wet suit good times!

Hope your having a good Monday, I shall be doing a proper juice detox post tomorrow so till then x x x x


First drink of the day?

Lemon and hot water from now on!


  1. It's good to know I'm not the only person starting my morning with hot water and lemon. It definitely helps me to properly wake up and start the day on a healthy note :)

  2. Yay congrats for finishing your juice detox!! Can't wait to hear more about it. xx