Sunday, 5 February 2012

Juicing Day 2

Happy snowy Sunday!!!!!
Yep the snow came and we woke up to a white world today, I am not a snow lover to be honest but as I had no need to leave the house today, it does look pretty. I just hope it gets rained away by tomorrow eve or Tuesday morn as I gotta get back to Brighton!

A little rewind to last night, before we went to see my friend Wayne for his birthday drinks we had dinner..........

Yum! This smoothie included avocado it was delicious and creamy.
We went to the bar had a couple of soda waters then came home, we walked home in a blizzard bloody freezing, I was so glad to get home!

After a cup of hot water it was time for bed.


Today started with a cup of lemon and hot water, its all about the cleansing!

Next up a breakfast detox smoothie, this had some soy yogurt in. It was nice to have something a little thicker this morning : )

With breakfast slowly being drunk we decided to watch some movies. It's way to cold and slippery to move from the sofa today!!

Day 4. 10am

Today's photo for the feb challenge

Other than water we can drink fruit teas and I have a new favorite, yogi's lime mint!
Jez this is sooooooo good I gotta get me a box of these bad boys!

A nice green lunch

The movies carried on till now, Jes's hubby is now watching the footy so we are both blogging!

Linner is filling our tums till we get our dinner juice, tonight's is the same as last nights. I can't wait it was delish!

So day 2 had been ok, I have felt a little more hungry today, I am glad I decided to do this over a free weekend I had as I think with going to the gym and Bikram I may have struggled a little! I think I am just so used to eating all the time I never seem to give my tum a rest, I think my body is gonna thank me for this a lot!

One more piece of news my boy Dale is stuck in Italy waiting to see if he can get home, plus i he does get back to England tonight then god knows if the trains will be running. Poor thing is suffering from a self inflicted hangover too bad times!!!
Fingers crossed he can get back : (

Time to watch another movie soon, Bridesmaids is up next I haven't seen it yet but am told its a hoot! Ha ha hope your weekends have been fab x x x


Are you snowed in?


  1. The juice is looking very nice Tamiz. I'm a long time lurker but thought I'd comment and thank you for your honesty in the last few posts about yourself. It's great to know you're not ''perfect'' if you know what I mean lol

    1. Thank you, and welcome I'm glad you took the time to comment it is always nice to know there are people out there reading : )

  2. Oh no, I hope Dale manages to get home okay! That tea cup is so pretty!

  3. We didn't have any snow thankgoodness lol, live in devon so it missed us. Am loving that cute teacup!!

  4. Bridesmaids is mint! I'm sure you'll love it! Yes I was a bit concerned about the snow, I'm just glad we didn't plan to travel down today, weather says things should be better for tomorrow though! Hope Dale is ok bless him!

  5. No blog reading all weekend and I am missing all the juice! (Quite literally hehe).
    Aww your I am not perfect post was really sweet.. Gosh being perfect is a) hardly possible and b) so boring. plus c) we're not robots.
    A friend of mine tried to do the 7 day juice detox of his and completely failed after 4 days or so.. she just needed something to bite! I would love to try the 3 day detox though. Looks delish!!
    Aww I love snow but it was so wet and heavy and slippery.. not much fun. It's so weird that Brits can't cope with snow - I mean for heavens sake, cancelling 1/2 of all flights yesterday at Heathrow?? No other airport had to do that.. It's ridiculous. Hope your man got back home safe and sound.