Saturday, 4 February 2012

Juicing Day 1

I would like to say thank you, its always hard to write things a little more personal on here then usual and when you get kind comments it means a lot. I am sure there was no harm meant by the comment I first received but if one person wondered why I was juicing there was bound to be more so I guess I just needed to get it off my chest! Anyway thank you : )

Ok firstly here is my next photo for February 4th

Day 4. A Stranger

I found my stranger in Asda and could not resist the outfit!

Now to my first day of juicing.............

I woke up early and had a hot water and lemon. Straightened my hair gathered my stuff for the weekend and piled into my car to hit the road for Hastings!

OMG, FREEZING!!!!!!!!!
The ear warmer was definitely needed : )

I waited till I got to Hastings to have my first juice with my sis.

apple, carrot, lemon, yellow pepper, cucumber, celery, broccoli stem, beetroot and ice

I drank my detox juice then was off to train a client.
I was terrified of feeling hungry and weak but I actually felt fine not hungry at all which is crazy considering how much I would have normally eaten by 11am! Client trained I went to town to get some new trainers and get my hair cut by my friend. I didn't get back to my sisters till 2.30pm'ish and was feeling ready for juice no.2!

Lunch time juice was the same as breakfast, delicious!

We popped back into town to gather some gifts for my friend Wayne, it was his birthday last week and we are meeting him and some other friends for drinks tonight........well a soda with a slice of lime is on the menu for me!

Back home it was time for linner!
Linner: the juice between lunch and dinner : )

beetroot, apple, pineapple, lemon, 3/4ltr water

I wont be having my dinner juice till about 8.30pm so I'll get that one on here tomorrow. I am following Jason Vales (the juice doctor) 3 day juice detox. You can find this detox in his book the juice master Keeping it Simple if you want to know the exact recipes or are interested in trying it out too.

I am feeling pretty good to be honest, a little hungry as I write this but not ravenous like I thought I would! I am definitely looking forward to the super detox smoothie I will be having for breakfast as it contains yogurt so a bit more substance, I do feel a little tired though so am glad to be having the weekend off the exercise : )

Till tomorrow x x x


If you juice do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share?

I am loving them all so am not decided on a favorite yet : )


  1. More power to you on the juicing - sorry I was so oblique as to not read between the lines more. I thought that you posted everything for the day most of the time, so I assumed that you'd be in a huge calorie deficit anyway.

    It is shocking to me that you're really a stone overweight, because in no way do you look it!!! I don't care how flattering pics you choose to post are - you always have a real healthy glow and I don't think weight is the most accurate indicator of health for you perhaps? Stupid question but are you sure the scales you're using are correct? There's a 10lb difference between the ones I use at the gym and at home.

    I completely understand your reasons for wanting to do this though - if I had the willpower I'd be right there with you.


    1. Ha ha my scale are definitely not wrong, but I am not a slave to them anyway. Its not about the number on the scales I know but it is about being comfortable in your one skin which I definitely am not. Its a work in progress : )

  2. My regular juice is always cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon - there's just something about having a big green juice! I also love beetroot, carrot, cucumber and ginger at the moment as well. Beetroot juice is just so pretty!