Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Juice Detox Round Up + Blogger Meet Up!!

Hello peeps, hope your having a good day?
Mine has been fabulous a great sweaty workout and even lunch but more on that later first up my 3 day juice detox round up!

Day 1

I thought I this detox was going to hit me hard as I eat WAY to much, you know how it is when your bored and having to do at work the snacks come out! I think the hardest part was waking up and waiting for about 3 hours to have my first juice, the rest of the day was ok I did feel hungry between juices but not ravenous. I think its about the mental challenge too.............

Day 2

This for me was the worst day, the juice is pretty stingy but luckily I had lots of films to watch to take my mind of it! Saying that it really did make me realize I eat far too much and its nice to actually feel hungry and looking forward to your next meal rather than just stuffing food in whenever I feel like it!

Day 3

This was pretty easy, already used to having liquid and you get a lot more to drink day 3. I have to admit I was definitely looking forward to chewing some food but all in all I felt fine.

For me I think this was such a good idea, I had got used to eating a lot, not at all mindfully. Doing this detox has shown me how to feel hungry again and how I do not need so much food to get me through the day. The only side affect I got was a sore throat but I think that was from all the pineapple juice we had to drink. I do think doing this over a weekend when you aren't up to much is a good idea as my energy levels were pretty low but all in all I actually really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to doing a juice day once a week, I will be including a smoothie in those days though! Oh and over the weekend I lost 5lb but we'll see if I can keep that off and get more off too : )

Day 6. Dinner
(above for february photo challenge!)

Dale tried to break me with his chocolate gift from Italy but I didn't! I can actually say this will be kept an eaten slowly, before I would eat the whole bar and feel sick!

Right onto my fabulous day..........

I had to drive back from Hastings at 6.30am when Dale left for work so a nice early start!
When I got home I had a hemp protein smoothie, with seeds on top for some chew!

Smoothie: 4 ice cubes, 200g soy yogurt, 1 banana, 1 large handful blueberries and 1/2 scoop chocolate hemp protein. Thick and delicious : )

After breakfast had settled I went to train a client

Client trained I popped home to grab my Bikram stuff and eat this power bullet courtesy of my sisters hubby. Its a raw nugget of energy and very tasty

I went to Bikram and on the way met up with.......Laura!!!!!!!
from Keeping Healthy and Getting Stylish

We had a fab class then went for lunch at Aloka!

Yep I was in there again. The food is just so amazing it was the only place to go!

Being the first whole food I had eaten for 3 days I kept my lunch light and just went for salad and vegetables with some protein

The tofu and rocket hummus were my favorites : )

One thing I love about going to lunch with a fellow food blogger, I am not the only weirdo snapping pictures of my food!

Having a smaller plate left room for pudding (this time not forcing the pudding down!)

I had a raw orange and cranberry coconut macaroon

Yum Yum Yum

Thank you Laura for a fab blogger meet up you need to move to Brighton!!!!

When I got home out of the cold I needed a warm drink. I picked up this ginger tea the other day in Infinity, they were giving free samples : )

Look what Laura gave me!!!! Peanut flour!!!!
Now I know I am off the PB but this actually has less fat so I will have to try a little obviously, I have a little experiment I've been longing try so watch this space : )

That's all for today, I hope you like my Juice detox round up please if you have any questions then let me know or if you wanna try go here. I am going to treat myself to a big bowl of homemade soup.


Do you use peanut flour, if so how do you use it?


  1. I have only used pb flour as a sauce- mix it with some warm water- it is not as sweet as pb but it is tasty still. I will be interested to see how other people use it though.
    Glad you had a fab time with Laura (and you are so lucky to go to Aloka too- I had amazing food when I went there).

  2. i love aloka - i took my nan there (she's 82) & we had a great lunch. it was the first place i had a chia pudding too (without realising what it was!) Any other vegan/raw/veggie places you'd recommend? We've been to infinity foods cafe too. She loves trying something new & i get to eat food i love and feel happier eating - i love lunches with Nan :) I should get down to Brighton more often.

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  5. Looks like you had a fab time with Laura! I definitely need to try Aloka next time I'm in Brighton. x

  6. Looks like a fab day out. Your meal looks lovely. Peanut flour is ace and makes a great dipping sauce and I often use it to make cookie dough and stir fry sauces too.

  7. I am definitely going to do a 3 day juice detox soon.. Sounds great! Although I am absolutely horrible with discipline.. So we'll see how it'll go.

    Btw did I ask you if you go to the vitality show? If yes would you mind if I would tag along? I would love to go but don't know who of my friends would fancy joining me...