Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hemp Protein + teapigs Lovin

Hello and happy hump day!
Before I get to my day I would like to tell you about some products I was sent to review a little while a go. I have been meaning to get these reviewed for ages and finally have time...........

Parcels in the post, you gotta love it especially when there are goodies inside!

The lovely people at good hemp nutrition were kind enough to send some hemp protein for me to review. As I love alternative vegan protein powders and have before tried hemp protein I was very pleased for this to turn up! They sent me a pack of chocolate flavoured gym shake, strawberry fit shake and a pot of plain hemp protein.

I have tried the chocolate gym shake before so new I love it. This protein works wonderfully in smoothies and tastes really good unlike other hemp proteins I have tasted in the past. I also find it fills me up as well as being perfect pre or post workout fuel so a big thumbs up!!!!

I haven't yet used the strawberry fit shake so will let you know how that goes but I have used the plain hemp protein and again its really yummy thrown in smoothies its not a strong hemp taste like I have tried in the past which is why I probably like it, hemp can sometimes taste a little bitter to me. I would definitely recommend this protein powder to anyone that is looking for an alternative to the dairy ones or anyone that fancies a change to their regular powder. Hemp protein has some fab health benefits too which you can read here.

2nd review........


The lovely Becky over at teapigs sent me a box full of teapig goodies to try, I love tea so this is heaven! I have also been wanting to try matcha tea for ages (I know I know where have I been!)

The box has their range of teas and a little bag of matcha too. I have not yet tried the matcha but I have had some of the teas, chai, super fruit (which I am currently drinking), lemon and ginger and my favorite so far the liquorice and mint. The liquorice and mint is insanely good, the taste is out of this world I was pleasantly surprised by the intense flavour, SO GOOD! I am looking forward to trying the others, they really are fabulous teas and after I have got through my box I shall be making them a permanent store cupboard purchase!

Ok onto my day which begins with my 22nd February photo.......

Day 22. where you work

Being a personal trainer means I work all over the place, which is why my car is like a gym!

I actually managed to sleep till 7.30am today, wooooohooooo lie in, ha ha ha it was for me anyway : )

I had a hot water, lemon and manuka honey and once that had been drunk it was smoothie time. This puppy included 1/2 banana, soy yogurt, frozen berries, baobab, vanilla sun warrior and the juice from 1 apple, spinach and celery. Topped with hemp seeds delish!

Smoothie settled I was off to yoga to sweat and quieten my mind, its been on overtime lately......
I had some nice complements after my 90 minutes of torture, the teacher said my practice was looking really strong and focused and I seemed to be much happier, then one of my fellow yogis mentioned that I was shrinking! Ha ha she said not that I was huge before but that she noticed I was looking smaller and you could tell I practiced a lot so I must be doing something right : )

Lunch was all good, another tuna salad followed by an apple topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and seeds. Love that combo!

I spent the afternoon sorting out my personal training flyers which need to be posted then it was time to go to the gym. I started with 5 minutes on the cross trainer then a 40 minute PHA workout and ended with 15 minutes on the stair mill. Sweaty great workout : )

When I got in I fancied a juice, this was really tasty I juiced apple, beetroot, celery, spinach, lemon and ginger then added it to the blender with a very small avocado. Whizzed it up and drank this glass of pure goodness!

Now I am chilling on the sofa, just had a yummy bowl of soup for dinner and I am sure I will have a little something sweet later.

Tomorrow is a busy day, I start with yoga, train a client then off to Hastings to train more. I will be staying at Dales so I guess I'll see ya Friday, have a fab Thursday x x x


Have you tried Hemp Protein?

I am a definite fan!

Have you tried teapigs, what is your favorite flavour?

You know mine tell me about yours!


  1. I love the good hemp protein, I just bought another big tub of the chocolate gym shake, I love it in my green smoothies! Hope you enjoy the teapigs!

    1. i just wanted to say, that I am happy I found your blog again :D

  2. Yay for the nice compliment! I've noticed in the photos I've seen that you are looking slim and trim!

    I have a veggie protein that has hemp in it and I use it every day and have done for about 5 months. My poor whey collection is gathering dust and I have to force myself to use it up. I love the veg protein because it's thicker and 'chewier' if that makes sense!

  3. Look at all those teapigs! Sooo very jealous, I need to up my tea-pigs trying game and work my way through them all. I have the original hemp protein which I like but have to be careful when I eat it because it can upset my tummy. It's so great when you get an unexpected comment isn't it, keeps you motivated!

  4. The chai is the best Teapigs flavour, but I love the spiced winter red tea, the chocolate tea, licorice and mint....

  5. I love teapigs, the shark one is my fave followed by popcorn.

  6. I love teapigs. The licorice & mint is yum and I love the lemongrass tea too. I'm slowly working my way though all the flavours! I love tea! x