Friday, 17 February 2012

Fabulous Friday

What a Fabulous Friday!!!!!!
I have had a great day its been all smiles from the start, I love days like that : )
Before I tell you about why its been so fab I will rewind to Thursday and share my last 2 photos from my photo challenge:

Day 16. something new
My lovely brother in law gave me one of the sweats his company united produce! Lucky me!

Day 17. time
It was smoothie time : )


My day began with a 7am yoga class, I had half a banana with tahini and cinnamon when I got up for some yoga fuel

When I got back it was smoothie time, this was sooooooo good. It was a taste sensation for my tongue! I'll try and remember what went in........

soy yogurt, 1/2 banana, frozen cherries, plain hemp protein, baobab, and the some fresh juice from cucumber, celery, spinach and carrot. I topped with seeds and coconut flour mixed with water.

I am loving adding fresh vegetable juice to smoothies it thins them out a little plus gets me more of natures glorious nectar!!!!!

It was a hair up day so once that was sorted I went to train one of my Brighton clients nipped home to make another juice then was on the road to Hastings to train more clients.

On my break I went to hang with paps and drink the smoothie I made. This badboy juice included 2 apples, cucumber, celery, broccoli stalk, spinach and lemon. I added this to the blender with some ice and 1/2 an avocado. So good!

When I finished I met Dale and he made me a veggie delight for dinner! Quorn and veggie curry, it was delish : )

Dale's sisters newest addition definitely wanted to get her snout in!

Fabulous Friday

I drove back from Hastings EARLY, when I got to my front door my veg box was waiting for me! I love my weekly veg box, it always has a fab variety of goodies and the taste, oh the taste! I made myself a hemp smoothie then a couple of hours later went to Bikram then to train a client.

When I got home I fixed lunch then ripped into 2 parcels that had been delivered for me! i have been eagerly awaiting these............

First up my iherb order arrived!

I ordered some vanilla sun warrior protein powder, which I ran out of ages ago and I also bought a new to me product liquid Vanilla Stevia, can't wait to try this!

They very kindly popped in a peach tea sample and acai powder sample, yay!

The second parcel was from vivapure!

I odered some coconut wraps and raw cacao crunch, they also kindly popped in a sample of sunflower lecithin which I am looking forward to experimenting with : )

Ooooooo these are gonna be so good I just know it!

And this raw cacao crunch well let me tell you I couldn't resist and broke straight in to try a bite, this didn't disappoint AMAZING!!

If you like what you see why not get over to their site and have a browse, you can use the
code: VPFRIEND7 and get 7% off your order : )

I have been returning emails and what not this afternoon and now its time to make dinner. I'm planning some roasted veggies with salad for din dins and yes there will be some tomato ketchup going in the mix! i hope you have had a fabulous Friday like me, hopefully the weekend will be just as good.


Have you tried any of the above?

Sun warrior protein is an old favorite of mine but the other goodness is all new and I am very excited to get stuck in!

P.S You still have till Sunday to get your comments in and tweet about my great giveaway what are you waiting for!!!!!!


  1. You are in for a treat with the granola and coconut wraps, I've had both and they are lush! Enjoy! Have a good weekend :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a much better Friday than me!!
    I need to buy a juicer tomorrow.. I have one at home in Switzerland and only use my blender over here but I really miss juices too!
    Do you know Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet book? It's so good and she's absolutely amazing. She's also a massive juice-lover. ;)