Saturday, 11 February 2012

Eating Worms

Yay to the weekend!!!!!
Not sure why as I have to work both days but hey ho its a yay for those who don't!
Before sharing my Friday and Saturday goings on here are my last 2 photos for the feb challenge:

Day 10. self portrait

Day 11. makes you happy : )


My day started with a fab cardio session in the gym:

15 minute intervals cross trainer, 10 min jog treadmill, 25 min spin + Abs

I was a hungry beast after this so went home and made a hemp smoothie to get a protein kick. Once this had settled I was off again to Bikram. They some new humidifiers and it is ROASTING in there, sweat fest is definitely back to its best!

I needed to refuel quickly when I got in because I was hitting the road to Hastings. Smoothie two of the day was eaten with a side of ryvita, tahini and cinnamon.

I bought this tub of Baobab super fruit powder recently in Holland and Barrett. I've read lots about it so wanted to give it a try, I also got it for a penny when buying some manuka honey which is a big thumbs up! Mixed in with all the other stuff I put in my smoothie/juices you can't really taste this powder but it definitely helps keep me full.

My first client in Hastings actually canceled which gave me some time to go hang out with my papa for longer which was nice. What was also rather nice was the slice of homemade banana cake paps gave me : )

Random pretty flower in my paps garden..........

The evening was spent training clients, seeing Dale for half hour then driving home.


Today I was up early to train a client at 7am. OUTSIDE!!!!! OMG it was cold, before I left I ate a bowl of cornflakes and had some juice on the side. Dare I say it I've gone off them! I didn't finish the bowl which is unlike me so will not be buying them for while. After training my client I worked in the shop and for once a Saturday actually went quickly!

Mid morning I had a cocoa loco nakd bar and I took some fresh juice which I topped up with hot water to make a delicious drink.
For lunch I had worms!
Ha ha no I had some yummy kelp noodles, mixed with tofu, mushrooms and sesame oil with salad leaves on the side. Delicious : )

I received these Kelp noodles from Vivapure to review a little while ago and finally got round to breaking them out. They are very low in calories and carbs but real high in mineral rich sea kelp. I have to say at first these are a little strange to eat they are kind of crispy/rubbery and flavorless but once you take a few bites your sold, well I was. I love them, they are yummy and so nutritious it would be hard not too! So if you fancy trying these yummy noodles get over to Vivapure and order some plus if you use this code: VPFRIEND7 you can get 7% of your order!!! They have lots more goodies too that you will love so if you haven't checked out the website go do it now!!!!!!!

For dinner I made soup, sprout and swede to be precise. Sounds weird maybe but its really really good. I'll post the recipe tomorrow for ya : )

Another early start tomorrow with a client before work in the shop. I will be going to yoga after and can't wait to get in the sweaty room!

Have a fab Sunday x x x


Kelp noodles, have you tried them?

Weird but oh so right, you gotta get ya teeth round these worms!!!!


  1. I haven't tried kelp noodles yet but I would love to..may habe to look for a cheaper place to find them though...maybe Asian supermarket or something? Certainly looks weird on the pic lol

  2. I can't imagine what it must be like being even hotter in there than when I was in! Must be wonderful. I love the kelp noodles, I soak mine in luke warm water so they aren't as crunchy before I have them, yum :-)

  3. I love pasta and noodles but those do look a little..worm like, don't they?! ;) I'll try anything once!

    I love the sound of that protein powder you got, I'm desperate to get rid of the dud one I bought ages ago and get back to super power smoothies! :)