Monday, 13 February 2012

Easy Peasy Cherry Pudding

Hey hey, how's it going?!
I'm all good, very busy Monday and I'm pretty late getting this post up too so I shall be rushing through this! Before getting to my day I shall share 2 things with you


Day 13. blue


The easiest yummiest cherry pudding!
Oh my gosh this is sooooooo good you have to throw this easy peesy recipe together and eat it with joy in your heart!!!!! Ha ha well something like that : )

Easy Peasy Cherry Pudding

1 pack of silken tofu (£1 in sainsburys!)
1/2 pack frozen cherries
1tbsp agave

Literally throw all ingredients into the blender. Blend till smooth and enjoy! This makes loads so you can pop in the fridge and enjoy for a few days. It goes really mouse like the day after and is soooooo yum yum yummy!


Today after my banana and tahini yoga fuel I made my way to the 7am Bikram class.

Came home and ate a giant hemp smoothie

This settled and I went to the gym:

40 minute Med Ball circuit + 10 min intervals on stair mill + 10 min jog

Juice/smoothie to refuel, I topped with the peanut flour Laura got me, thank you lady its heaven!

I then drove to Hastings to see paps and train clients. I took a couple of boiled eggs with me to snack on plus on the way home I ate an apple and a small nakd bar. Dinner was the last of soup followed by my easy peasy cherry pud, so good!

And that's my day busy but a great Monday to be honest : )

I'm looking forward to tomorrow its my first time valentines having a valentine in 10yrs!!
We were gonna go out but decided to stay in, I'm gonna cook for the boy and he's is bringing the films. I plan a little sweet something and I shall be sharing the recipe with you guys : )


Do you have a valentine, what ya doing?!


  1. So glad your enjoying the pb flour! That cherry pudding sounds yummy, must give it a try I love silken tofu! We aren't doing much for valentines day, especially considering how much eating out and enjoying ourselves we did last week! Hope you have a good one chick xxx

  2. That pudding looks amazing!! I shall try this tonight.. Just need to go and get my hands on some silken tofu and frozen cherries :).

    Well I've never had a proper Valentine's date even when I was with someone.. That's a bit lame!!
    I think cooking a nice dinner and watching films is the perfect thing to do. Overpriced meals at restaurants are so un-personal.


  3. That cherry pudding looks fab I have some tofu and never had the guts to use it so may use your recipe to take my tofu eating cherry (pun intended) lol