Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Drink Me Chai Review + Nursing My Cold

Happy Hump Day!
Well mine is happy now I am home and awaiting the boy to turn up : )

First up my daily photo challenge:

Day 8. Sun

My Wednesday started with a trip to the gym. I did a 25 minute med ball circuit followed by 25 minutes of spinning. Was a great sweaty start to the day!

Home and needing to refuel I had a delicious chocolate hemp and cherry smoothie topped with hemp seeds more on this tomorrow...........

Ahhhhhhh I must share with you before I continue with my days events this yummy product:

Drink Me Chai!

I weas sent this a little while ago to try out, now I don't usually go for this kind of thing as it contains milk but as its dry and not fresh as well as mixed with so many other things it doesn't seem to give me the same troubles. I wouldn't drink this every day but as an evening treat it goes down just fine : )

I was sent the spiced and vanilla chai's to try and I have to admit both are super yummy. Plus each cup only contains 93 calories which isn't too bad for a sweet treat!

If you are a chai lover and want to give these a try then you can buy them in all the major supermarkets or visit the website. I am thinking a scoop in some oats would be dreamy...............

Right on with my day!

I have my first cold in about a year! My throat isn't sore anymore but I am feeling pretty bunged up so some ginger teabags and manuka honey was definitely needed today

Mid morning I also drank a smoothie to help with bad skin, one from the smoothie master, this contained the juice from apples, cucumber, celery and spinach then was whizzed up with half and avocado yum. I have to say since juicing my skin sems to be getting better every day!

My smoothie filled me up so I had lunch a little later, a big bowl of soup!

I will be having soup for dinner too, I'll be adding extra veggies in though : )

I thought I would leave you with this photo I nabbed from a friends facebook page, I think it hits the spot : )

Hmmmmm soup is calling for me so I shall say good night x x x


Have you tried Drink Me Chai?

Its really rather good!


  1. gonna have to get me some chai, and love the pinup photo!

  2. Get well soon angel and enjoy your soup!
    Also random but you have such lovely shaped eyebrows!

  3. Love the photo! I hop you get better soon!

  4. You know what I also got a cold during a detox and I think it is because the body actually is getting rid of toxins. There are lots of different detox symptoms and a cold-like feeling is super common.
    Still.. It's annoying :).
    You should check out Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. It's great - she's the juice queen :).
    Gosh I love me some chai. So good when it's properly spiced and a tiny bit sweet!