Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Delcious Muffin + Yummy Cacao Crunch

Happy Saturday!!!!
Well its happy for me now I got to leave work early and get home out of the drizzle and into my PJ's. Today as expected was quiet and pretty boring, we had a laugh chatting amongst ourselves though which is always fun : )

Day 18. drink

Before we get to today's eats I want to share last nights pud.......

Yesterday in my delivery from vivapure I received some cacao crunch which is crunchy buckwheat coated in raw cacao with lots of other tasty ingredients thrown into the mix. Jeez its insanely good the taste is fabulous. I topped 1/2 a banana with soy yogurt and a large handful of cacao crunch. The perfect pudding! If you wanna give this a go get over to vivapure and order some, use this code: VPFRIEND7 to get 7% off!!!!!!


Today I had a client to get to before work at the shop, 7.30am to be precise fab! Ha ha I got up and ate breakfast before leaving. I had a hot water and lemon then a juice with some fruit topped with soy yogurt, cinnamon and hemp seeds. Yum!

I got to work at the shop and enjoyed a decaf coffee. I had to pop out later on to get to the shops before the rain hit and on my travels I picked up something glorious.......

Cherry Bakewell GF and Vegan Muffin!!!!!!!

Wow this was amazing!
I picked it up in Infinity Foods fresh bakery, I saw them the other day and resisted but i just couldn't leave one behind today. I am so glad I didn't too every bite made my taste buds jump with joy : )

For lunch I had quinoa mixed with basil vegan pesto, mushrooms and pepper ans some organic salad leaves from the veg box.

I also drank my photo of the day drink. I love beet it beetroot and apple juice. so refreshing and yummy. I bought the cute cup for the bargain price of £1!

I am hanging out at home tonight on my lonesome, Dale is fishing with his dad in this lovely weather, rather him than me! My fingers are crossed for him to catch something..........

I am looking forward to my Sunday I will be going to Bikram at 9am, training a client then awaiting the boy to arrive. I'm hoping to get to the cinema to see The Women in Black, I've heard its pretty good and I haven't been to the pictures for ages so can't wait!

I have some soup freshly cooked and some sweet potato chips cooking in the oven dinner is gonna be pretty awesome so on that note i shall bid you farewell and wish you a fabulous Saturday night x x x


Any plans for your Saturday night?

Oh and one more thing before I go, you have one more day to enter my GIVEAWAY! Get ya comments and tweets in people and you could get that £50 voucher off some fab sunglasses!!!


  1. Oh my gosh I hate horror films! I am so rubbish and so jumpy. ;) (Funny enough I don't mind gory stuff like hot True Blood ;))

    I am staying tonight. What a wiiiiiiild night! Face mask, Women's Running and a cup of tea. Love it.

  2. I just chilled last night and watched TV then had an early night, rock n roll eh ;-) I'm going to order more of the cacao crunch granola now it is so good!