Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Happy February 1st!!!!!
Blimey how cold is it!? Very that's for sure, I got up super early to get to the gym before work today and it was chilly to say the least! I thought I'd get straight on top of my February goals which means 1 of my planned gym sessions for this month is done already : )

I forgot to mention in yesterdays post another February Challenge I am taking part in. If you have an Iphone and use the app Instagram then you can get involved! I am doing the February Photo A day Challenge. Basically you are given a photo mission for each day of the month, this is my first photo.........

Day 1. Your View Today

you can follow me @tamzinsparkles : )

After a fab 30 minute circuit and 25 minutes of intervals on the stepper and summit trainer I came home and made a fresh juice. This was sooooooo good! It included beet, lime, spinach, cucumber and an apple. Health in a glass! I also had some cornflakes, coconut flour and a banana before leaving for work...........

Work was quiet but i was glad to be in out of the cold!

I obviously had purple on the brain today cause my lunch was pretty purple, quorn, and veggies

then I had blueberries which again are purple!

I came straight home tonight and got dinner on while I waited for Dale to arrive. I made veggies, quinoa mixed with basil vegan pesto we also had some olive tofu. Delicious meal : )

Time to chill with the boy, I hope your first day of February has been a good one x x x



Until now I didn't own my own juicer but now I do I realize just how much I've been missing out. The taste of raw juice is just insane, so creamy and delicious I can't wait to do my juice detox this weekend : )


  1. I love my juicer, can't believe I've had it for over a year now. Definitely couldn't be without it I love my weekend green juices!

  2. Love your outfit girlie! Yay for purple. Ive been thinking about getting a juicer for a while now, but love my vitamix so much, what brand juicer do you have? xxx

  3. Gosh I love the juicer though I have it at home in Switzerland but none over here... I wish it were easier to clean though!

    Btw congrats on your great January challenge! You're a star!!!