Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Chococru A Free Gift For You

Happy hump day!
If your is not so happy why not make it better by reading this fab offer I have been given for all you lovely readers!

I have a special promotional offer for all my readers from Chococru!
I tried this product quite a while ago now you can read about it here and here. I really enjoyed putting chococru in my oats with peanut butter it was so good! and the benefits are amazing............

A free gift is available to every Salad and Sequins reader who purchases a pack of Chococru Extraordinary Antioxidant Cocoa from Holland and Barrett website (

Chococru are offering a free gift consisting of a 90g pack of
Chococru Extraordinary Antioxidant Chocolate (Pearls or Calletts).

There are 5 simple steps for you to take and those yummy melt in your mouth chocolates can be yours!

1. Purchase one or more packs of Chococru Extraordinary Antioxidant Cocoa only from Holland and Barrett - Go to new products on page 2 product number: 078957 price £14.99

2. When you have received your delivery go to and click on 'contact us'

3. Fill out your details so we can post to you your free antioxidant chocolate. Please specify whether you would prefer milk or dark chocolate and that you saw this promotion on
Salad and Sequins

4. We will e-mail you back asking for a specific code number from your Chococru Cocoa pack

5. Once this is verified you will receive your delicious flavanol antioxidant chocolate posted directly to you.

Please note: this promotion is organised by Chococru and any inquiries arising from this promotion should be addressed to Chococru ( Your free chocolate gift will only be dispatched if you have ordered Chococru cocoa from Holland and Barrett before 20th of March 2012 and your details and pack code have been logged with Chococru. We look forward to sending you your free gift. We welcome any feedback you may have about Chococru Extraordinary Antioxidant Cocoa

Great offer right!? especially as Mothers day is fast approaching you can get a gift for yourself and your mama!


Have you tried Chococru?

I have and its really yum! Plus the medical benefits are quite something you should definitely take the time to pop over to their site and read about it!

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