Friday, 20 January 2012

Welcome Vivapure + Day 19

Hello! Well its been a couple of days since I've posted, have you been busy?
I certainly have, yesterday I was in Hastings to train clients and in the afternoon I did my Q&A for Sunbites but more on this later first my I have some more VERY exciting news I would like to welcome my first ever blog sponsor Vivapure!!!!!!!!!!

If you are not familiar with Vivapure your missing out, they have a fabulous website filled with some glorious food. You gotta go check out the goodies over there and once you have I'm pretty sure you'll find lots of things you just have to try so this 7% discount code I have is gonna come in very handy! Please use the code VPFRIEND7 to get your 7% off!!!

As a welcome the lovely peeps at Vivapure sent me some kelp noodles! I have wanted to try these for ages so I'm very excited to experiment with these : )

I'm thinking some sort of peanut creation..........hmmmmmmmm


So yesterday, as I said I went to Hastings but before I did my 18th Bikram session at 7am in the morning then went to the dentist which after all my dreading wasn't too bad!

Before heading off to Hastings I had a snack, vanilla caffeine free drink + sweet chilli sunbites

My first client had her faithful watcher.......I actually love this cat!

Then it was lunch time. I sat down to a bowl of homemade soup whilst doing my sunbites Q&A on their facebook page. I got some great questions and really enjoyed my afternoon task : )

A while later I had an apple with some soy yogurt, cinnamon and pumpkin seeds.
Last of my clients trained I went to Dales for dinner.........

The boy did good!
He made me a delicious plate of veggies and quorn in a roasted vegetable sauce, a very pleased tum : )


Dale leaves for work at 6.30am so I was on my way to Brighton early!
When I got back home I had cereal, oats and apple topped with soy milk. This was perfect yoga fuel for my 10am class, session 19!

My 19th class done I came home to refuel before session 20! I actually had a smoothie?! Yep its been a long while and after class its all I could think about so I made a giant hemp smoothie which contained: chocolate hemp protein powder, cocoa, lots of spinach, gums, frozen berries and topped with seeds. So good and very filling!

I had to do my double session today because I am working all day tomorrow. Before I made a yummy veggie soup so I could just come home and eat! Soup made I got my stuff ready for Bikram session 20............

Jeez my session was a KILLER, I really felt that but I made it through with out collapsing!

Tomorrow I am in the shop all day, Saturday is the worst day in the shop even though we only work and extra hour the day seems to drag and drag and drag! Wish me luck : )


Are you familiar with Vivapure?

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  1. I love Vivapure and the kelp noodles, so yum!