Friday, 27 January 2012

Sunbites Winner + Day 26

Hello, its day 26 and session 27 has been completed which means I am nearly at the final goal people!!!! Sorry quite excited that I have actually nearly completed my challenge, sticking to something like this has shown me how dedicated I can be and is setting me up for the next 11 months of challenges!

Ok before I get to tell you about my day I shall tell you who won the sunbites.............

Ffion!!!!! Your name was taken from the hat : )
Please send me your address and your snacks will be on there way!

Today started in the best way, my veg box came!!!!!!

I was at the shop today and as I don't start till 9.30am I have plenty of time to sit and enjoy a delicious hot breakfast. I had quinoa and oat porridge mixed with berries and cocoa topped with soy yogurt and grounded seeds/dried ground berries.

The shop was real quite today so as always it was great when lunch came round

Egg, quinoa and veggies washed down with a gossip mag : )

I also ate this bar...........

And had a cinnamon tea which is really spicy and delicious, just what ya need when ya shop heating is broken!

After work I went to Bikram session 27! It was a good one even though my back is playing up a little so I have to not push myself so deep into the poses but all good anyway : )

I am looking forward to the weekend, I am seeing the boy tomorrow and we are going to the Brighton Tattoo Convention on Sunday, Dale is getting tattooed and my sister is working there so it should be a good day : )

Have a fab weekend peeps x x x


Any plans for the weekend?

You know mine, what are yours?!


  1. That cinnamon tea is one of my faves! Have a fab weekend! :-)

  2. You've done so well on your yoga challenge! Very jealous of you going to the tattoo convention! I'm desperate for another tattoo, still want my half sleeve done but I think I might get something little soon just to get my fix ;-)