Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunbites Giveaway + Day 21

Good evening on this fine Sunday : )
Its been a fab day for me, I decided to not go to the 9am Bikram class and sleep in a little longer this morning well till 8am but I did stay in bed relaxing with a cuppa.

I also ate my breakfast in bed which was a treat!

It was a gloriously tasty breakfast too:

carob + quinoa porridge, frozen mixed berries, topped with soy yogurt, seeds and bees pollen

I got a text from my poor client she has hurt her knee so no session today which meant the whole day off for me! No need to get up just yet then...............

I stayed in bed catching up with some TV shows, I had a yummy snack too, sunbites onion and rosemary flavor, yum!

Lunch time came so I actually got up! I made a protein packed lunch..........

Tuna, veggies and basil pesto, perfect : )

I spent some time sorting through some stuff in my room, a little tidying and then it was time to gather my things together for yoga

An hour before I ate some yoga fuel!

Banana, tahini and cinnamon to power me through Bikram session 21!!!!!!

The banana definitely powered me through no.21 was a fab session not too hot, just sweaty enough I felt great after too : )

When I got in I heated the last of my soup, through in some extra veggies and boiled 2 eggs for a quick easy and nutritious meal

I love having soup in the fridge its just the thing when you get in hungry and want something quick. I shall be making another pot tomorrow.

I had a vanilla caffeine free drink then..........

Some fruit and soy yogurt topped with a little sprinkle of grounded seeds/fruit.

I've really enjoyed my Sunday, missed the boy a little but I like to miss him because then I can get excited to see him which happens quite a lot as he lives in Hastings.

Before I go I have a little something for one of you.................


I was sent these to review and would love to share some with one of you! If you are a fan or haven't yet tried them and would like too please leave a comment below. You can also tweet including @tamzinsparkles for an extra point but please let me know if you do : )


Why do you want to win the giveaway?!

I really like sunbites they are a healthier snack if your a crisp lover!

Giveaway is uk only x x


  1. Your eats look amazing today! I love the breakfast in bed pictures - a bowl full of goodness!
    I have never heard of Sunbites! I would love to win so I too can try them :)

  2. I've never heard of Sunbites, but they sound awesome...kind of likeSun Chips. I'd love to try them. Is this only open to UK readers?

  3. I'm always looking for new snacks, so would love to be able to try them!
    Loving your eats today!

  4. Your eats look so yummy today, especially that banana and tahini!

  5. The carob breakfast looks so scrumptious! And banana and nut butter I haven't had in ages...

  6. I'd love to win because I've only tried the Sweet chili one and love em and would love to try the other flavoursss <3! x