Thursday, 26 January 2012

Session 25 and 26 Done!!!

Good evening!
Here rather late today so I'll keep this short and sweet : )

I've eaten some fab food today, first thing I had a fresh homemade juice and a banana before heading to my 7am Bikram class. Session 25!

I went straight to work after yoga and ate my cornflake and apple breakfast there, filling delicious.

We had training plus the area manager was there pretty much all day which sucked! I was very glad when I could go for lunch! Tuna salad : )

I also ate the mango and brazil bar, I really liked this just sweet enough.

After work I went to Bikram again, session 26 done!

Soup for dinner with rice cakes for dipping

Followed by fruit and soy yogurt topped with cinnamon and pollen.

So as you can see its been a yummy day! It has also been a long day and I am ready to just chill so I shall say farewell till tomorrow.

Oooooo before I leave I will announce the sunbites winner tomorrow evening so if you wanna try them you still have time to comment x x x


How are your January challenges going?

I have to say mine are going fabulously and I am already very excited about February's!!


  1. I'm sucking at my yoga / meditation challenge big time but everything else is going well. Its my Dad and Sis's bday's at the weekend and I'm going out to celebrate so today is my last day of eating more clean, bring on the coffee!

  2. January has not been as successful as I'd have liked. only lost a couple of lbs despite exercising lots and awful skin! need to sort out my food, its clearly not working, need to find some good soup recipes to stop me eating rubbish!