Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Perfect Yoga Fuel + Day 9

Yay I made it to day 10!!!!!!
Ha ha ha that's a third of the way through my challenge people and I'm feeling fab : )

My day started with a yummy yoga fuel snack around 6am! I had an apple topped with a little tahini and cinnamon which might I add was perfect fuel for my 7am class.

I ate breakfast at work after class which was an apple, banana and cereal. This looks huge but the fruit really pads it out plus the bowl was so shallow......honest!

I had a yummy mix for lunch which included: quinoa, chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomato paste and mixed baby leaves

Leaves eaten this is the underneath!

After work I went to Bikram again, its my double day because Saturday I can't get to class. The session was insanely busy, about 80 people so even the the heat is still not working properly (roll on Thursday!) it was still bloody hot I definitely got my sweat on!

For dinner I had a kale overload!
Oooooooo this was so tasty, I had steamed veggies in a little red thai curry sauce topped with some hazelnut tofu, yum : )

No pudding for me but I did have a vanilla drink.

So day 9, session 10 done only 20 left to do!!!!!!!
I actually feel really good, this may change in another ten days but we'll see : )

I'm off to Hastings tomorrow but will try to get a post in before heading off so till then x x


What is your top veggie at the moment?

I am so obsessed with black kale at the moment it is the best, oh yes it is!!!!!!


  1. I think your doing really well, I wish I had access to hot yoga!

  2. I would love to try bikram yoga. my friends say that it's the best!