Monday, 23 January 2012

Headache + Day 22

Hmmmmm my Monday was going ok till I got this shocker of a headache : (
Other than that though its been a fab day!

It all started with a bowl of banana and cocoa oats which was delish, once settled I made my way to Bikram session 22! It was a good class, very sweaty indeed, I have slight muscle soreness in my back so I'm taking it easy in class but it will be gone soon enough I'm sure this yoga healed my back already!

After Bikram I gathered my things then drove to Hastings to train clients and see my papa

For lunch I had tuna salad, I also ate 2 small apples later in the afternoon.

When I got home I broke open the soup I made this morning, spinach and celeriac, Yum Yum Yum this soup is really good just what I needed : )

I also had some warmed soup topped with soy yogurt mixed with coconut flour.

I am already getting excited about February's fitness and diet challenges. I have decided to do a different thing each month. This month has obviously been the Bikram 30 day challenge, no coffee or processed foods which by the way is going fabulously! I will reveal all in due time but one thing I am also planning to do is this.............

If any of you own an Iphone and don't have the app instagram your missing out! They had a daily photo challenge for January but I was just too busy so didn't take part but there is one for Feb now and I am really looking forward to doing it but I thought I would do it on here too, so if you wanna take part with me copy the photo above and join in the fun!

Ok I'm done need to get my butt in bed, 7am class has my name on it!


Will you be taking part in the photo challenge?

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