Monday, 9 January 2012

Great Monday + Day 8

Good evening : )
I hope your week has started well? Mine has got off to a great start but that's probably because I had the day off! I had a fab Sunday too after I blogged it was time for my Sunday Bikram class which was the 7th in a row!

After yoga I trained a client then went back home to get the boy up! We hung out for a bit then did an hour resistance band workout which was a killer and once we had refueled we popped to town...........

I invested in some very good Sunday movies and that's my day done!


As I said today has been pretty dame good but a day off always brings a smile : )

My day started with a yummy bowl of cereal/oats topped with an apple and soy milk and once this had settled I went to Bikram session 8. Unfortunately the heat is still not working properly but I still got my sweat on so I wasn't complaining!

I came home after yoga and sorted through some emails before making lunch. On the menu was hazelnut tofu, steamed kale and carrots and some left over pesto rice I made for Sundays dinner.

All mixed up, this was delicious! It was also very filling. More emails after lunch then I had a sports massage which was pretty bloody painful but sooooo needed! I went to town to get a few bits before going home and picked up a new to me product..........

Caffeine free vanilla drink which is made form natural ingredients, I thought it was worth a go since I am off the coffee : )

I made a cup, which was very nice by the way and ate.......

Some apple crisps, these puppies were in my stocking. I love these and they made a great afternoon snack.

For dinner I had a chicken red thai curry this included more kale! broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and chicken. I used and M&S red thai curry sauce, its really yummy and on offer at the mo so I thought why not?

Well there we have it my first day of the week is nearly over and i am looking forward to day 2 already I have two Bikram classes to get through tomorrow wish my luck!


What's your fav hot drink other than tea/coffee?

Mint T, Fruit Ts, Water, Water & Lemon oh and my new Vanilla drink!


  1. I really want to try that vanilla drink. Well done with the Bikram yoga - I've never done it before but really want to try it this year! x

  2. I'll have to keep my eye out for that vanilla drink, it sound good!

  3. I drink water by the gallon but at the moment I love my caffeine free teeccino and cococardio hot chocolates!

  4. That vanilla drink looks lovely (where did you find it?)- perfect for the winter. I like lots of other teas- rooibos, mint, fruit with licorice...

  5. I loved drinking amaretto hot chocolates during the Christmas period. Water is obviously an obvious choice too.

  6. what recipe do you use for the pesto rice? Sounds Yummy.

  7. Hey Maria the vanilla drink was in my local health food store : )

    Anonymous I just literally boil the brown basmati rice then mix in some vegan pesto I buy in Morrisons free from range : )

  8. Thank you, i will try it soon. your blog, glad i came across it.