Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Good Week + Day 7

Well that's the first week of January pretty much done, I hope its been a good one for ya?!
Mine has been great, tiring but great I have been eating clean have drunk no coffee and my yoga challenge has got off to a great start : )

Today's post is yesterdays food as I'm here so early on a Sunday morning! I have some time before my Bikram class though and with the day to be spent with the boy best to get here now.

I drove back from Hastings early yesterday morning and had breakfast before work at the shop. Natures Path GF cereal with oats, rice milk and banana. This was really good and filled me up nicely.

For lunch I had some hazelnut tofu with kale, broccoli and red cabbage mixed with a little sundried tomato paste. I also ate some unpictured rice cakes with PB : )

After work I met the boy and after a quick grocery shop it was homeward bound.

For dinner we had quorn green thai curry with a side of quinoa. Ooooooooo this was so good I enjoyed every mouthful

Hmmmmm no going out means staying in and fooling about with the camera! ha ha

I think I'm feeling even better because I have given up pudding for January too I didn't set this as a goal because I don't want to feel I have to stick to it but for now its feeling good so I'm going with it. I am just making sure my dinners are filling so i don't feel the need to graze for more stuff especially not sweet stuff!

Right time to get ready for Day 7's Bikram class! Have a fab Sunday lovelies x x x


How are your January goals going?

All Good All Good For Me!!!!!!


  1. You and Dale are so cute! I think giving up pudding can be a good idea - sometimes I just end up eating more after my pud!

  2. Hello there! Nice work with your goals. My January goals are going quite well but I think it's because I've made realistic ones. x