Saturday, 21 January 2012

Extra Greens + Day 20

Happy Saturday!!!!!
I guess its smiles all round as its the weekend, I had to work today but the day actually went pretty quick which was a surprise because Saturdays are usually the worst! It probably helped that I stared the day with a great sale : )

When I got up this morning I realized I had no milk and was already running late for work so no time to get to the shop, what to do? Quick fix breakfast that's what! I had 2 small apples with tahini and cinnamon which was delish, I than hurried to work...........

After a busy morning I got lunch around 1.30ish, quorn, veggies, sesame oil and salad

I also had a small nakd bar a little while after : )

I got home and filled a bowl with homemade soup then added some extra green goodness

Oooooooo this was good, I also had rice cakes on the side for dipping


I really fancied a pud tonight so instead of buying anything too sweet and sugary I invested in this little bottle of goodness. Pomegranate molasses!

I heated up some berries, topped with soy yogurt and a little of my new sauce. The molasses is not very sweet at all and quite sharp but i really like the taste and felt no guilt about eating it especially as pomegranates are filled with lots of antioxidants!

It was day 20 today which has been a day off as I had to work all day, that's why I did the
double yesterday. I will be getting up tomorrow and going to the 9am class, great way to start my Sunday then after one client I have the day to myself. I am planning a clear out in my room, the boy is off fishing this weekend so I have no distractions to justify me not doing anything!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I have a little something for one of you guys so come check out the blog tomorrow : )

Question: Ever heard/tried pomegranate molasses?

Thumbs up from me!

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  1. Hope you enjoy your day today. I really need a sorting out day soon, got cupboards full of crap!