Saturday, 14 January 2012

Double Dose of Quorn + Day 13

And here I am late again!
Hmmmmm I think I need to work on this late posting a little hopefully my life will become less hectic after the yoga challenge for sure, January is becoming a mission!

My day started with a client at 7am!

It was bloody freezing! While Brighton slept I froze!

Client trained I went home to eat breakfast before work at the shop. Breakfast was the latest addiction with the addition of hot milk today : )

I had a double dose of quorn today........

Lunch was quorn, veggies and a little sesame oil.......

and dinner was quorn red thai curry (another addition right now!)
sorry about the bad picture!

I'm having a quiet night in to myself, Dale is down the pub watching his friends band but I chose to duck out as I have to be up for yoga tomorrow Morning for session 14!

Day 13 has been a day off but I can honestly say I wish I had time to get to class today I am getting so much out of practicing everyday and when my challenge is over I will still be going as much as possible!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend x x


Sunday plans?

Bikram, Client, B&Q, Painting, Walk


  1. Awww I soooo need to catch up!! I think it's fab you're doing the challenge - I was thinking about doing it too but I'm a chicken. I will check out a new (to me) hot yoga studio out tomorrow which I am looking forward to.

    Meet up any time soon? I'd love to come down to Brighton and perhaps go to a Bikram class with you :)). xx

  2. your eats look super yummy! Definitely things i eat daily as well.