Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Crazy Weather + Day 2

Good evening : )
What a god awful day it been, the weather has been horrendous, which meant the shop was absolutely dead.......boring!!!!!!!

My day started pretty well, after getting up, showered and sorted for work I made a bowl of oats mixed with some grounded superfoods. Then I threw all fashion rules out the window and put on the waterproofs! There was no way an umbrella was gonna make it to work and I didn't wanna work in wet clothes so that was that!

I got to work dry : )

Shock horror look what I had for lunch........Chicken! Yep the only meat I am bringing back into my diet is chicken, it keeps me full, gives me no tummy probs and well I like it! I had a yummy chicken and quinoa salad for lunch.

Work was dead and so was Dales so this was what I did most of the afternoon, stupid text pictures of me and the boy!

After work I went to Bikram for Day 2 of my 30 day challenge! I had a good class but after 7/10 in a row I think I may be feeling differently!

Dinner was the same as last night, tuna red thai curry.
So yummy and the veggies are so needed I'm on a veggie binge!

I'm in Hastings tomorrow so I shall probably see ya Thursday.
Have a good hump day people x x x


How was the weather for you today?

Our shop flooded! Its was actually the only eventful thing today, ha ha : )


  1. Waterproofs were definitely, definitely allowed yesterday!! I can't believe the weather. It wasn't horrendous in the day for me luckily, but the wind at night was sooo bad. Hope it's drier for you today :)

  2. I know the weather has been horrible, what a way to start the new year! Your eats are looking very tasty and healthy!

  3. The weather was ok today. I even managed to get out for a run.

  4. I find chicken is the best meat for me to eat, red meat does not agree with my stomach at all! Looking tasty :)
    So windy here, a bit scary but no flooding!