Monday, 30 January 2012

Brighton Tattoo Convention + Day 29

Good Morning!!!
Have you all had a fab weekend?
Mine definitely has, which is why I have been MIA!

Saturday I was up early to train a client, go to yoga (session 28!), train another client then await the boy. When he arrived we went into town to go round some shops and picked up a couple of movies to watch. We were gonna go to the cinema but nothing really jumped out at us................

I made homemade chips and salad for dinner and we watched The Fighter and.........

The Lost Boys! Oh how I love this film! It was a really nice Saturday, I've missed the boy : )


Sunday was my day off from the Bikram challenge, I did a double Thursday, which meant I got to be a little lazy Sunday morning and not get up at the crack of dawn. I woke about 7.30 anyway but I didn't actually get up so it was kind of lazy! I had a big bowl of fruit topped with soy yogurt, coconut flour and grounded berries and seeds before we headed out for the day........

We went to Brighton Tattoo Convention!

Dale was booked in to get some more of his chest done and luckily for me my sister and quite a few of my friends were working there so I hung out with them while Dale got scratched up!

Looking pretty good me thinks!
I love his tattoos : )

We came home around 3, Dale was in the chair for about 2hrs so a little warn out you might say! So we got back into the movie laziness for the rest of the day, there were snacks involved which means my good food eating kind of took a wrong turn this weekend! But hey 28 days of the month I was good! I'm definitely not gonna beat myself up about it as I have done well on the no coffee and yoga front : )

I am off to yoga at ten for session 29! Then I'll be going to Hastings to train clients and stay at Dales which is why I am posting so early!
Have a fab second to last day of the month peeps x x


Tattoo Lover or Hater?

LOVER! I cannot wait to get more I have at least 3 quite big ones lined up just need to earn some more cash!


  1. I think you already know my answer to this one, tattoo LOVER! I love tattoos on men as well, James has a few but he wants a bigger one like me. Were going to start checking out local places soon, I think mine is going to be a big 30th bday present to myself :-)

  2. I do love tattoos but I'm too chicken to get one myself.

  3. I love tattoos but too chicken to get one myself :D

  4. Oh the end is near :). It's amazing that you stuck with your challenge, bet it must have been hard at times! You definitely need to write a 'recap' post :).

    I love tattoos. Haha my mum hates them because in Japan it's known for the mafia. I definitely want to get an other one though. I just don't like 'typical' tattoos such as tribals, roses or barbwire.. I think a tattoo needs to have meaning too.


    PS you two are so cute! So happy for you!!!