Thursday, 5 January 2012

5am Mission + Day 4

Hey from a zoned out blogger!
More on that in a bit a little catch up first.........


I had dinner for breakfast on Wednesday! Ha ha weird maybe for some but filling and very tasty for me. I had mushrooms and sprouts with pesto and 2 boiled eggs.

This was perfect yoga fuel and saw me through my 10am class a treat : )

More photo madness before hitting the road to Hastings, look at my giant yellow hand!

After my first client I went to my friend Jonathans to see him before he goes back to Berlin. Awwwwwwww I miss him so much I am definitely going to visit him this year!

Lunch was chicken salad with veggies and a little sesame oil for dressing.

I stayed at the boys in the evening : )


Today has been a real mission, I had to drive back to Brighton at 5am so I could get to my 7am yoga class! Ha ha crazy maybe but today I had to do a double because Saturday I can't do a class and today was the only chance I was gonna get this week so it had to be done. I ate a small nakd bar and an apple on the drive to give me yoga fuel!

I got to the 7am class with plenty of time to just lay and soak up some heat.

I was pretty hungry after class and knowing I had only a couple of hours before the next I thought a protein punch was needed. I came home and had some egg with veggies again and once it had settled I went to meet my friend Tara before the 11.30am class.

The second class actually went really well and I went a lot deeper into some of the poses. Afterward I was famished! I came home and ate a giant bowl of veggies with tuna and the last of my red thai curry sauce, delish!

I trained a client this afternoon and now am home and the boy has arrived so time to chill!
Nothing else really to report other than the food and exercise is making me feel fab! I'm off to Hastings again tomorrow so I shall see ya over the weekend, till then x x x


What dinner would/do you have for breakfast?

Veggies, I love it!

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  1. Dinner for breakfast...hmmm...probably noodles, I can eat them at any time of day!