Wednesday, 25 January 2012

11 Things + Day 23/24

Hey hey its this weeks hump day!!!!!
Ha ha hopefully it will be a good middle of the work week day, I think mine is going to be I am training clients today in Brighton and Hastings which means laughs and smiles all round : )

Yesterday I wasn't around cause I hadn't seen the boy since last Thursday so I wanted to hang out with him, soz! To be honest my day was pretty uneventful..............

I went to Bikram session 23 at 7am before work at the shop, had breakfast, sold a chair, had lunch, cut my finger, came home, day done!

11 Things

Right now for some fun stuff! I love a good questions and answers task and as I haven't done anything like that for ages when Laura tagged me to do the 11 things survey I couldn't resist! For the survey I have too: 1) post 11 things about myself, 2) answer 11 questions she asks me, 3) come with 11 questions for anyone I tag!

Here are the rules:
1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog
3. Answer the taggers questions and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

Ok lets get to it 11 Things About Me..............

1) I still sleep with the cuddle toy I was given for my 6th birthday!
Yes I know I'm 30!!

2) I cannot wait till the day I can buy a tiny dog!
Yes I want a little rat dog all of mine and yes in the winter it would wear a jumper : )

3) I wish I could eat cheese!
Sometimes I long to be able to eat cheese without it turning my stomach into knots and making me spotty : (

4) I long to have my own home.
The day I can move into a flat that is all mine will be a VERY good day!

5) My sister Jes is my best friend.
I feel lucky every day to have a sister I get on with so well she really is the best!

6) I am obsessed with anything leopard print.

7) Bikram has become my favorite way to exercise.
I am amazed at how this practice heals your body and makes you feel so so good!

8) I love being a personal trainer.
When I see clients getting fitter, slimmer and happier it makes my day : )

9) My favorite food is vegetables with nut butter coming a close second.
Steamed, raw, roasted, juiced mashed any which way I love VEG!

10) My hair used to be bleached white blonde.
I more often then not wish I could get my hair back to blonde I miss it a lot!

11) If I could own any fashion item it would be a vintage Chanel jacket and quilted bag : )
One can dream.........

Laura asked me:

1. What is your dream travel destination?

America. San Francisco or New York preferably.

2. If you were throwing a party for yourself what would be the theme?

1950's Glamour

3. Favorite TV show?

MasterChef with Come Dine With Me a close second!

4. How would you describe your taste in music?

Random. I like anything from Kiss to Madonna to Johnny Cash to Faithless to McFly!!

5. If they made a film of your life which actress would play you?

Patricia Arquette. True Romance style!

6. If you had a super power what would it be?

To be able to read minds

7. Tea or Coffee?

OMG so hard but forced I would have to say COFFEE!!
Bloody can't wait till the 1st of feb bring on that coffee!!!!!

8. Sum yourself up in 5 words?

Shy. Healthy. Fun. Dedicated. Honest

9. If you could go back in time which period would you visit?

1950's or maybe the 70's studio 54!

10. Who would be at your dream dinner party?

Caleb (kings of leon) to look at, Kevin Bridges to make me laugh, Jamie Oliver to cook the dinner, Patricia Arquette to talk movies, Michael Jackson to sing!

11. Name one thing you collect?

Lip balms.

I am going to tag:

Janetha @ meals and moves

Debs @ SmoothieGirlEatsToo

Sarah @ Sweet Potato Sarah

Susan @ The Great Balancing Act

Karin @ give me bananas

Here are you 11 questions:

1. What is your favorite Pop song?
2. What is your first ever memory?
3. What food are you most addicted too?
4. The best place you have visited?
5. The book your currently reading?
6. A life goal you have yet to achieve?
7. Smoothie or Juice?
8. Favorite App?
9. What did you want to be when you were little?
10. Top ten fruit and veg?
11. Favorite way to drink coffee?

Have a great day peeps I'm off to get ready for session 24!


Do you like surveys?

Pick a question from above and tell me the answer!


  1. I love a good survey. I think they are a great way to find out more about people. :D

  2. Love this! I have to say I'm glad I came up with some great questions too! God I can not wait for coffee either! Going to email you soon about meeting up, I'd LOVE to try a bikram class if that's possible :-)

  3. I love random facts! I think they're so interesting!!

    By the way hun, are you going to the Vitality Show? I got Women's Running UK yesterday and there was an add in it for the vitality show..


  4. Hi Sweetie! Oh forgive me but I'm the WORST at surveys so you might want to tag someone more reliable!!- But I will tell you that i'm addicted to Frozen yogurt and popcorn :-) Hugs!

  5. Thanks for the tag!
    I love learning new things about everyone, especially fellow bloggers :D

  6. I miss my blonde hair too! Nightmare upkeep though!

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